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2000-12-30 Ween New Hope PA John & Peters FLAC.torrent

Download2000-12-30_Ween_New Hope_PA_John & Peters_FLAC.torrent
Info hashf57879dcc3752ea9c4ba982505cf88477086b34b
John & Peters,
New Hope, PA

Source: DAT>cass1>CDr>flac
Seeded to WeenHub by Deesher 2/22/05

::Disc 1::
1.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
2.The Grobe
3.Spinal Meningitis
4.Get A Little Taste of You
5.Now I'm Freaking out
6.Sweet Texas Fire
7Puerto Rican Power
8.Take Me Away
10.Back To Basom
11.Tender Situation
12.I'll Miss You
13.Touch My Tooter
14.I Wuz Nothin'
15.Voodoo Lady
16.Sorry Charlie

::Disc 2::
2.Johnny On The Spot
3.Going Gets Tough
4.Waynes Pet Youngin
5.You Fucked Up
7.Buckingham Green
8.The Final Alarm
10.Homo Rainbow
11.Sketches of Winkle
13.Help Me Scrape The Mucus
14.Stallion Pt.3
16.She Wanted To Leave

::Disc 3::
1.The Mollusk
2.Captain Fantasy
3.Stroker Ace
4.Licking The Palm > Mushroom Festival
7.The Concert Is Over

8.Jammy Pac
9.Dr. Rock
11.Band on the Run
12.What Deaner was Talking About

::Disc 4::
1.Bananas and Blow
2.Put The Coke On My Dick
4.Hot For Teacher.

This show is insane, thought I'd share it with you guys.
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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2000-12-31d1t08.flac23.67 MB
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2000-12-31d1t10.flac20.88 MB
2000-12-31d1t11.flac20.55 MB
2000-12-31d1t12.flac14.05 MB
2000-12-31d1t13.flac17.50 MB
2000-12-31d1t14.flac31.01 MB
2000-12-31d1t15.flac37.84 MB
2000-12-31d1t16.flac22.53 MB
2000-12-31d2t01.flac10.69 MB
2000-12-31d2t02.flac20.37 MB
2000-12-31d2t03.flac17.96 MB
2000-12-31d2t04.flac8.59 MB
2000-12-31d2t05.flac12.59 MB
2000-12-31d2t06.flac14.45 MB
2000-12-31d2t07.flac28.42 MB
2000-12-31d2t08.flac28.12 MB
2000-12-31d2t09.flac16.33 MB
2000-12-31d2t10.flac19.76 MB
2000-12-31d2t11.flac16.56 MB
2000-12-31d2t12.flac22.76 MB
2000-12-31d2t13.flac17.91 MB
2000-12-31d2t14.flac24.60 MB
2000-12-31d2t15.flac10.83 MB
2000-12-31d2t16.flac21.11 MB
2000-12-31d3t01.flac19.69 MB
2000-12-31d3t02.flac22.84 MB
2000-12-31d3t03.flac17.78 MB
2000-12-31d3t04.flac36.64 MB
2000-12-31d3t05.flac22.22 MB
2000-12-31d3t06.flac36.03 MB
2000-12-31d3t07.flac61.91 MB
2000-12-31d3t08.flac11.64 MB
2000-12-31d3t09.flac21.02 MB
2000-12-31d3t10.flac41.62 MB
2000-12-31d3t11.flac32.55 MB
2000-12-31d3t12.flac15.01 MB
2000-12-31d4t01.flac29.86 MB
2000-12-31d4t02.flac21.87 MB
2000-12-31d4t03.flac39.63 MB
2000-12-31d4t04.flac32.78 MB
Ween-2000-12-30 John & Peters, New Hope, PA.txt1.06 kB
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