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Gene Ween Band 2009-03-20 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC

DownloadGene Ween Band 2009-03-20.torrent
Info hash084c2cccfe438a33ea054e6c87ce60efff6285b4
DescriptionGene Ween Band
March 20, 2009
Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, NC

01 #1 Champion Intro
02 Stallion Part Four
03 I Fell In Love Today
04 DC Will Do You No Good
05 Kansas City Star
06 Baby, Don't Be Afraid
07 It Freaks Me Out
08 Greg The Bunny
09 Mr. Sandman
10 Boing
11 I'll Miss You
12 Kite Flying Man
13 Deep Calm
14 Who Say You
15 Thanks And Praises
16 Ooh Va La
17 It's Not Cool
18 Hawakawi Say
19 Lets Get Divorced
20 The Chancy Boys
21 crowd & tuning
22 Friends
23 Mountains And Buffalo
24 #1 Champion Outro

runtime: 108:00

source: SoundField SPS200 > Oade R-44 @ 24/44
location: fob/loc/8'
transfer: USB > Nuendo3/SurroundZone > Peak5.21 > xACT > .flac @ 16/44
recorded & transferred by J.T. Lucchesi (Home Team)
TypeWeen Misc.
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Added2009-03-25 02:58:40
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gwb2009-03-20t14.flac36.45 MB
gwb2009-03-20t15.flac31.02 MB
gwb2009-03-20t16.flac26.62 MB
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