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Ween 2006-08-01 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theater (MBHO 603a + KA2OON) [REQUEST/RESEED]

DownloadWeen 2006-08-01 Minneapolis, MN @ State Theater (2)(MBHO MBP 603a + KA200N).torrent
Info hashbf6d5bae20dcdea66b80392fbfd358bec62eae73
August 1st 2006 
State Theater
Minneapolis, MN
Source:  MBHO MBP 603a + KA200N (DIN cards, Row G seat 13, FOB LOC, stand @ 7'^) > UA5 (BM2p+ mod) > D7 (coax) & JB3 (opti) @441.kHz. 
Conversion: NJB3 > USB > WAV > FLAC5 + Verified OK
Recorded by Dean Lambrecht
Seeded by empty
Size: 1.69GB (WAV) 935MB (FLAC)

Disc 1:

01. Crowd Intro
02. She Wanted To Leave 
03. The HIV Song 
04. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) 
05. Now I'm Freaking Out 
06. Light Me Up 
07. Nan 
08. Take Me Away 
09. Transdermal Celebration 
10. Even If You Don't 
11. Voodoo Lady 
12. Did You See Me? 
13. Ice Castles 
14. The Golden Eel 

Disc 2:

01. Baby Bitch 
02. Waving My Dick In The Wind 
03. Fat Lenny 
04. Powder Blue 
05. I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot 
06. Buckingham Green 
07. The Mollusk 
08. Ocean Man ** 
09. Sketches Of Winkle 
10. Sorry Charlie 
11. Pandy Fackler 
12. (band intro's) 
13. Bananas & Blow 
14. Cocaine

Disc 3:

01. Gabrielle 
02. Touch My Tooter
03. (encore Break) pt. 1
04. (encore Break/crowd noise/tuning) pt. 2 
05. E: Tried & True* (dedicated to Steve McClellan from First Avenue) 
06. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain*
07. Drifter In The Dark*
08. Mutilated Lips* 
09. Squelch The Weasel# 
10. Gene takes a pee
11. Dr. Rock
12. Someday
13. Crowd Outro

** = Gene on mandolin
* = Gene & Dean on acoustic
# = Gene on acoustic, Dean on electric
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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