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Ween - Toronto - July 29 2010 - DVD 3 re-authored FIXED (added video for last 2 songs! fixed audio sync!)

DownloadWeen - Toronto - July 29 2010 - DVD 3 re-authored-info-fixed.torrent
Info hash54524e38689051c5d1ab718dc426f9a351cf2020
DescriptionThanks a lot to Speedball and BradM for recording and sharing this show so quickly!

I decided to re-author DVD #3 with my video footage of the last two songs which were missing.

I patched my video footage into "The Mollusk" where the original video had a skip in it
causing the audio to go out of sync, which I corrected.

I patched my audio into the 10 second section of "Roses Are Free" where there
originally was no audio due to Brad's audio recorder accidentally getting turned off and
fixed the audio sync.

I patched my audio at the end of the show when Speedball's ran out.

During "Ohio" the audio was a little out of sync which I corrected.

No re-encoding was done to Speedball's DVD files. I used MPEG Streamclip to demux the .vobs
into .m2v and .aif files and then combined the .m2v files with my .m2v files and the
re-worked audio .aif file and muxed them all into a DVD folder in DVD Studio Pro.

I used Final Cut Pro to splice the missing audio parts in and to do a few speed adjustments,
in betWEEN songs only, in order to get the audio synced properly.

In keeping with the spirit of Speedball's original DVDs, I decided to keep this one simple
with no menu, but there are chapter marks if you want to skip to the next song. 
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