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Info hash70c2f7533bb782c53c79acce76ac7ea885d1313d
Rumsey Playfield
Central Park, NYC, NY


Denon DTR80P w/Nakamichi 300's + CP4 Shotguns



Recorded and Encoded by Cousinit

Disk I

01. Buckingham Green
02. She Wanted To Leave
03. Bananas & Blow
04. Learnin' to Love
05. Transdermal Celebration
06. Up On The Hill
07. Take Me Away
08. Dont' Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
09. Even If You Don't
10. Push The Little Daisies
11. Sorry Charlie
12. Voodoo Lady
13. Happy Colored Marbles
14. Stallion pt. 3
15. Ice Castles>
16. Final Alarm
17. With My Own Bare Hands

Disk II

01. Your Party
02. Let's Dance
03. Touch My Tooter
04. You Fucked Up
05. Stroker Ace
06. Wavin' My Dick In the Wind
07. Fancy Pants
08. Waynes Pet Youngin'
09. Going Gets Tough
10. Jonny On th' spot
11. The Mollusk
12. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
13. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
14. Roses Are Free


15. Fiesta
16. Mr. Richard Smoker
17. Dr. Rock


Crackling From PA during 3:12-3:30 of Buckingham Green
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2010-09-20 02:14:32
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Ween2010-09-17d1t09.flac28.76 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t10.flac13.78 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t11.flac20.46 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t12.flac48.13 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t13.flac43.01 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t14.flac16.97 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t15.flac15.16 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t16.flac28.50 MB
Ween2010-09-17d1t17.flac25.33 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t01.flac35.07 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t02.flac29.85 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t03.flac17.82 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t04.flac12.25 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t05.flac15.97 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t06.flac12.46 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t07.flac14.64 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t08.flac11.24 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t09.flac15.30 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t10.flac38.15 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t11.flac26.48 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t12.flac20.77 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t13.flac17.02 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t14.flac46.58 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t15.flac20.52 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t16.flac22.44 MB
Ween2010-09-17d2t17.flac22.39 MB
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