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Ween 1/29/98 Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz (one of the best LMLYP's!)

Info hash0d44d4b0de61afb76ef7b7b1051a8c6a5e7db15f
DescriptionI already uploaded this one to LMA:

Highly recommended, this one sounds great and has one of THE BEST LMLYP's i've ever heard. The guys are having a great time, Gener's drinking Jack and talking about crack....

January 29, 1998
Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz
unknown audience > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

Disc One:
01. Dancing In The Show Tonight
02. Take Me Away
03. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
04. Piss Up A Rope
05. The Golden Eel
06. The Stallion Pt. 3
07. Wavin' My Dick In The Wind ("for Chris Farley")
08. Sketches of Winkle
09. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
10. Dr. Rock
11. Old Queen Cole
12. Buckingham Green
13. Pollo Asado tease > Frank
14. I Saw Gener Cryin' In His Sleep

Disc Two:
01. Voodoo Lady
02. Nan
03. Pumpin' 4 The Man
04. Mister Richard Smoker
05. Puerto Rican Power
06. Tubthumping (Chumbawamba cover) tease > The Mollusk
07. Put The Coke On My Dick tease > Spinal Meningitis
08. The HIV Song
09. A Tear For Eddie
10. Ocean Man
11. Hot For Teacher (Van Halen cover)
12. Angel of Death (Slayer cover) tease > The Blarney Stone
13. You Fucked Up
14. LMLYP (with fucked up Glenn solo)
TypeWeen Live Audio 1995-1999
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