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Ween 3/25/01 Winooski, VT @ Higher Ground (including excellent and interesting soundcheck)

Info hash377e64f673add844a4c3d96358c58d389448b38c
DescriptionI already uploaded this one to LMA:
There is different source there as well that doesn't include the soundcheck that this one does:

This is the 2nd show Ween did without Glenn, the first being here:

I find most soundchecks pretty boring, but this one is more like a mini concert, not much tuning and soundchecking but more song playing and jamming. Seriously, give this soundcheck a listen! It also includes the 3rd known performance of "I Wuz Nuthin", a tune that Ween busted out on 12/30/00 and 1/2/01 that is apparently an old outtake (although no studio version circulates anywhere and the song was unknown or unheard of until they busted it out on 12/30/00). Also, the 20 min jam on track 7 of the soundcheck is brown as doo doo gets!

March 25, 2001
Winooski, VT @ Higher Ground
Neumann KM184 > Aeta PSP-2 > M-1 > DiO2448 > CE2K > WAV >SHN (no EAC) > CDR > EAC > FLAC

disc 1 -soundcheck
01. day after day (take 1) (Badfinger)
02. day after day (take 2) (Badfinger)
03. exactly where i'm at
04. get a little taste of you
05. i wuz nothin' >
06. space >
07. jam

disc 2
01. exactly where i'm at
02. freedom of '76
03. captain fantasy
04. take me away
05. papa zit
06. wavin my dick in the wind
07. voodoo lady
08. marble tulip juicy tree
09. albino sunburn girl
10. push the lil daisies
11. stallion pt 3
12. the grobe
13. baby bitch
14. goin gets tough from the getgo
15. touch my tooter

disc 3
01. tick
02. stallion pt 5
03. birthday boy
04. the mollusk
05. ocean man
06. don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy
07. dr. rock
08. jonny on the spot
09. buckingham green
10. frank
11. homo rainbow
12. enter sandman

disc 4 -encores
01. you fucked up
02. licking the palm for guava >
03. mushroom festival in hell
04. stroker ace
05. drifter in the dark
06. help me scrape the mucus off my brain
07. ohio
08. aids
09. the concert is over
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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