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Ween September 9th, 1995 Trenton, NJ @ Trenton Avant Garde Festival ECHOES by PINK FLOYD

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DescriptionAlready on LMA

September 9th, 1995
Trenton, NJ @ Trenton Avant Garde Festival
unknown audience > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

Echoes (Pink Floyd) 30:19

Aaron - keys;
Mick - guitar;
Bill Fowler - guitar;
? - drums.


Also, don't forget this gem of an mp3, initially shared by Pat:

Taking a Breather
September 11th, 1993
Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Park Amphitheater - Trenton Avant Garde Festival
SBD > ? > 192kbps mp3 (thanks to pat?)

1. improv (~50min)

Deaner - guitar
Andrew Weiss - bass
Cribber - ? - ?drum machine maybe?

Yeah, Mick, Andrew and Cribber at The Trenton Avant-Garde Festival, playing the lovely amphitheater in Mill Hill Park. The mix is kind of all over the place, but the waste is undeniable. I remember cruising down with Bill Fowler and Ace Manderbach after eating A LOT of mushrooms. at one point, Andrew grew to well over 30 feet in height. Serpents were swimming through his hair and a shower of sparks fell from his finger tips. I thought I was just tripping out until Bill leaned over and asked me "How does he keep the snakes from biting his face?"
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