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Ween2009-07-17.flac16 Bottle & Cork, Dewey Beach, DE (Schoeps MK41s - NEW Source)

DownloadWeen2009-07-17(Schoeps MK41s).flac16.torrent
Info hash9a6d94cb30ee0eebf10525260bf4adc83e006220
Bottle & Cork
Dewey Beach, DE
July 17, 2009

Source: Schoeps MK41s > VMS1 > DAT > CD > EAC v1.0 beta 1 (secure mode) > WavMerge2.1 (d3t8 only) > CDWAV 1.97 (d3t8 only) > FLAC (level 8 / align SBE)

recorded/transferred/tracked by peter
flac by nooch

:: DISC 1 ::
1) intro
2) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
3) Now I'm Freaking Out
4) The Golden Eel
5) Rumble (Link Wray)
6) Ice Castles
7) Roses Are Free
8) Push th' Little Daisies
9) Your Party
10) Stroker Ace
11) Stallion Pt. 5
12) Learnin' To Love
13) Voodoo Lady
14) The HIV Song
15) The Final Alarm

:: DISC 2 ::
1) audience/tuning
2) In My Time Of Dying (Led Zeppelin) (tease) > Frank >
3) The Mollusk
4) Ocean Man
5) Never Squeal
6) Waving My Dick In The Wind
7) Mister Richard Smoker
8) Booze Me Up And Get Me High
9) Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
10) Object
11) The Enabler
12) What Deaner Was Talkin' About (Deaner on drums)
13) audience/tuning
14) Tear For Eddie*
15) Mutilated Lips

:: DISC 3 ::
1) audience/tuning
2) My Own Bare Hands
3) The Blarney Stone
4) Big Jilm
5) Bananas And Blow
6) You Fucked Up >
7) War Pigs (Black Sabbath) (tease) > Jam
8) LMLYP >
9) Fat Lenny (from the previous night's show @ Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD)

:: NOTES ::
The CD I received had d3t8 split into 2 tracks.  I merged them into a single track and cut out some of the audience noise at the end of the show.
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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