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Ween 2011-07-02 Les Schwab Amphitheater

Info hashc3ab44092df3a032b129380c56c31eb402365dc7
Les Schwab Amphitheater

Source: Studio Projects C4's (cards) > Fostex FR2-LE @24/48 > Sound Studio (eq,track splits) > xACT > Flac16
Location: ROC
Recorded By: Zachariah Boes

01. Transdermal Celebration
02. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
03. Take Me Away
04. Even If You Don't
05. My Own Bare Hands
06. Bananas and Blow
07. Ice Castles
08. Final Alarm
09. Did You See Me
10. Your Party
11. Poop Ship Destroyer
12. Learnin To Love
13. Gabrielle
14. Stroker Ace
15. Monique The Freak
16. Lets Dance (David Bowie)
17. Slow Down Boy
18. "i got this guitar as a gift"
19. The Mollusk
20. Mutilated Lips
21. You Were The Fool
22. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
23. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo
24. Hey There Fancypants
25. You Fucked Up
26. Wayne's Pet Youngin
27. Fiesta
28. Baby Bitch
29. Birthday Boy
30. Buckingham Green
31. Crowd Noise
32. HIV Song
33. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
34. Roses Are Free

Notes: Big thanks to the other taper that let me use his hoodie as a windscreen.
It helped big time and this recording wouldn't be listenable if he hadn't helped me out!
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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01. Transdermal Celebration.flac20.27 MB
02. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy).flac18.15 MB
03. Take Me Away.flac20.07 MB
04. Even If You Don't.flac23.83 MB
05. My Own Bare Hands.flac16.25 MB
06. Bananas and Blow.flac17.81 MB
07. Ice Castles .flac10.55 MB
08. False Alarm .flac20.53 MB
09. Did You See Me.flac25.52 MB
10. Your Party .flac21.62 MB
11. Poop Ship Destroyer .flac41.23 MB
12. Learnin To Love.flac13.91 MB
13. Gabrielle.flac15.77 MB
14. Stroker Ace.flac16.64 MB
15. Monique The Freak.flac27.59 MB
16. Lets Dance (David Bowie).flac23.20 MB
17. Slow Down Boy.flac21.45 MB
18. "i got this guitar as a gift".flac8.08 MB
19. The Mollusk.flac14.36 MB
20. Mutilated Lips.flac27.25 MB
21. You Were The Fool.flac26.83 MB
22. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot.flac41.13 MB
23. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo.flac14.84 MB
24. Hey There Fancypants.flac9.93 MB
25. You Fucked Up.flac14.40 MB
26. Wayne's Pet Youngin.flac9.82 MB
27. Fiesta.flac13.47 MB
28. Baby Bitch.flac16.34 MB
29. Birthday Boy.flac15.43 MB
30. Buckingham Green.flac21.34 MB
31. Crowd Noise.flac12.66 MB
32. HIV Song.flac11.53 MB
33. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down).flac17.93 MB
34. Roses Are Free.flac33.20 MB
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