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Ween - July 3, 2011 - High Sierra Music Festival - Quincy, CA

Info hash401c606809b1ce0beba6789c099bf32f06513d7e
July 3, 2011
High Sierra Music Festival
Quincy, CA

Source: Busman BA-L2 (omni, A-B) -> Aerco MP-2 -> Sony M-10 (24/48k)
Location: FOB, mics mounted to stand at about 10 ft.
Transfer: M-10 -> MacBook -> GarageBand for conversion to 44.1k, light EQ, level adjustment and fades -> export to AIF format (16BIT) -> Fission for splitting -> FLAC via Xact
Taper: tsquare ( - Trent T.

1. Tuning
2. Porkroll
3. Bananas and Blow
4. Beacon Light
5. My Own Bare Hands
6. Transdermal
7. Richard Smoker
8. Waving My Dick In the Wind
9. Freedom
10.Freedom (Sasha Reprise)
11.Learning To Love
13.Voodoo Lady
14.Your Party (Skerik on sax)
15.Monique The Freak
16.Tear For Eddie
17.-stage banter-
18.Let's Dance
19.Pandy Fackler
20.The Mollusk
21.Back 2 Basom
22.-stage banter-
23.Scrape the Mucus
24.Spinal Meningitis
25.Buckingham Green
26.-encore break-


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