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WEEN The Library, Oxford, MS 5/3/07 (Reseed Request)

DownloadWEEN2007-05-03OxfordMS-The Library-3DVDset.torrent
Info hash15f6b7597234ad91ee79f49ba8af8d0e9eecdcf8
The Library, Oxford, MS

Filmed by Jim "Jimbo" Charna, Lisa Hunkele, and Jered Haddad using 2 Panasonic DVX100b's and 1 HVX200 (Jimbo)
Jimbo was upfront on Deaners side, Lisa took the upfront Gener shot, and Jered was 30 feet back in front of the
soundboard, as was the mics. 
video source: DVX100b (and HVX200)>mini dv>scenalizer>vegas 7> dvd architect
Audio source: schoeps cmc6/mk41 (ortf bar)> lunatec v2 (+35db)> Marantz PMD-671 (oade mod)
Video bitrate: 8600 kbs max, 8400kbs avg., 8200 kbs min.
16:9 NTSC Audio Bitrate: 1411
Edited by Jimbo Charna (of JimboFilmsInc.) with love

the show:

DVD 1:

1 Take Me Away
2 The Grobe
3 Transdermal Celebration
4 Wavin' my dick in the wind
5 Mr. Richard Smoker
6 Bananas and Blow
7 Voodoo Lady
8 At your Party
9 Buckingham Green
10 Help me scrape the mucus off my brain
11 Big Jilm
12 Woman and Man
13 Gabrielle

DVD 2:

1 Touch my Tooter
2 Never squeal on the Pusher
3 The Final Alarm
4 Spinal Meningitis
5 The Mollusk
6 Push the little daisies
7 Zoloft
8 Baby Bitch
9 Stay Forever
10 Piss up a Rope

DVD 3:

1 Booze me up and get me high
2 Fiesta
3 Johnny on the Spot
4 Ocean Man
5 Up on the Hill
6 Fluffy

7 Encore: Poopship Destroyer>
8 Someday

Put together by Jimbo between may 15th and may 21, 2007. seeded to soon after!

Jimbo's crew can film YOUR band!

Jimbo 5/21/07
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