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Ween2006-07-25 Les Schwab Amphitheater, Bend, OR (reseed)

DownloadWeen2006-07-25 bend.torrent
Info hashf216d5bc4a4831dda3ffdf816c698c13a6ed523d
DescriptionWEEN  -  7/24/2006  -  Bend  OR  - Les Schwab Amph.  (FLAC)

Les Schwab Amph.
Source info best I can do: ???DAT>???MICS>???sony>arcosDVR400>adobe audition>.WAV.FLAC
Taped by Barry
Transfered by Sunshine
I just got these Flacs in the mail my friends are at burning man and I didn't want to wait to up this.
I can get the complete source later.
Blarney stone is cut at 8:07 batteries died
sound B+

01.She Wanted To Leave
02.Spinal Meningitis
03.Marble Tulip/Juicy Tree
04.Piss Up A Rope
05.Happy Colored Marbles
06.Take Me Away
07.You Fucked Up
08.Even If You Dont
09.Waving My Dick In The Wind
10.Voodoo Lady
11.The Argus
12.Light Me Up
13.Demon Sweat
14.Roses Are Free
15.Tried And True
16.Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
17.Drifter In The Dark
18.Dont Get 2 Close
20.Johnny On The Spot
21.Stroker Ace
22.Touch My Tooter
23.Ocean Man
24.Hey Bulldog
26.Doctor Rock
28.Poopship Destroyer
29.Bananas & Blow
30.Leave Deaner Alone
31.Baby Bitch
32.Blarney Stone (cuts out at 8:07)
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2012-02-19 17:33:02
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