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Ween1997-07-16 Ween New York NY Westbeth Theatre FLAC (AKG391BeyerD7 DATCDR) (reseed)

DownloadWeen1997-07-16 Ween_New York_NY_Westbeth Theatre_FLAC_(AKG391BeyerD7 DATCDR).torrent
Info hashd3a3133aa40ff6b44c7e0c11d8380ed64ec9bfb4
Westbeth Theatre
New York, NY


CDR>WAV(EAC)>FLAC by chocolate mike

Got this off the hub.
No track listing given.  No set list on Boognish.
The pictures in the folder w/ the file seem to be from John and Peter's. Listening to some of the talk, this SHOULD be the 7/16/97 show though.
This is what I came up with from listening.

The individual tracks are not tracked properly and some songs start a minute of so at the end of one track and bleed over to the others.
Blarney Stone starts at the end of track 18 and carries over to track 19 on disc 1.  It is then repeated in it's entirety on Track 1 of disc 2.
There is pretty severe digi-noise on the last 4 or 5 tracks of disc 1.  Some of the tracks also seem to switch sources and lose channels for a couple of seconds during songs.  Other than that stuff, it is a pretty killer show and has damn fine sound otherwise.

Dancing in the Show
Pork Roll
Golden Ell
Now I'm Freaking Out
Waving My Dick
SKetches of Winkle
Piss Up a Rope
Buckingham Green
What Deaner Was Talking About
She Wanted to Leave
Spinal Meningitis
Blarney Stone
Big Jilm
B-Day Boy
Baby Bitch
You Fucked Up
Stallion Pt. 3
Booze Me Up
Pumpin' 4 the Man
Dr. Rock
TypeWeen Live Audio 1995-1999
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d1/ween1997-07-16d1t10.flac26.22 MB
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d1/ween1997-07-16d1t06.flac19.63 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t12.flac19.39 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t19.flac17.43 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t18.flac16.31 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t07.flac14.84 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t05.flac14.67 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t03.flac14.41 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t11.flac14.36 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t13.flac13.35 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t15.flac12.99 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t17.flac12.18 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t01.flac11.14 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t16.flac10.74 MB
d1/ween1997-07-16d1t14.flac10.32 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t12.flac31.35 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t11.flac24.00 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t06.flac19.86 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t01.flac18.80 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t09.flac18.71 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t03.flac16.48 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t08.flac15.12 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t13.flac14.97 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t05.flac14.10 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t04.flac11.18 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t10.flac11.14 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t02.flac4.78 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t07.flac4.74 MB
d2/ween1997-07-16d2t14.flac4.18 MB
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pics/1997-07-16_12.jpg49.39 kB
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pics/1997-07-16_10.jpg44.77 kB
pics/1997-07-16_19.jpg42.89 kB
pics/1997-07-16_13.jpg42.16 kB
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pics/1997-07-16_01.jpg38.13 kB
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pics/1997-07-16_20.jpg21.78 kB
1997-07-16_Ween_-_Westbeth_Theatre_New_York_NY_(AKG391BeyerD7 DATCDr).flac.md53.27 kB
7-16-97.txt1.23 kB
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