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Ween2001-08-18 Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, AK (FLAC - RESEED)

DownloadWeen2001-08-18 Girdwood_AK_Alyeska Resort_FLAC_(Gay Show).torrent
Info hash6d450560274fb0b226982a62b4082c6022dbf0b9
Alyeska Resort
Girdwood, Alaska

???>CDR>EAC>FLAC (Chocolate Mike)

01. Dancing In The Show Tonight
02. The Golden Eel
03. Spinal Menengitis (Got Me Down)
04. Now I'm Freaking Out
05. Freedom Of 76'
06. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
07. Even If You Don't
08. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?
09. Bananas And Blow
10. Voodoo Lady
11. Mutilated Lips
12. Beacon Light
13. Stallion Pt.3
14.The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo

Disk 2

01. I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
02. Pandy Fackler
03. Band On The Run
04. Big Jilm
05. What Deaner Was Talking About
06. Frank
07. Don't Sweat It
08. Sketches Of Winkle
09. Dr.Rock
10. You Fucked Up
11. I Can't Put My Finger On It

Disc 3

01. Ohio
02. Tender Situation
03. Help Me Scrape The Mucous Off My Brain
04. Homo Rainbow


05. Hot 4 Teacher
06. Buenos Tardes Amigo

Sorry no source info on this.  I received none. 
This show was FLACed from a CDR obtained through
a trustworthy source. Enjoy--cm
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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disc 3/ween2001-08-18d3t05.flac57.44 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t11.flac55.56 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t10.flac55.35 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t06.flac52.20 MB
disc 3/ween2001-08-18d3t02.flac47.95 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t03.flac39.68 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t02.flac39.41 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t11.flac36.47 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t12.flac34.08 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t01.flac33.94 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t02.flac31.58 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t03.flac29.58 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t09.flac27.97 MB
disc 3/ween2001-08-18d3t04.flac27.93 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t13.flac26.52 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t09.flac24.44 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t04.flac23.99 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t07.flac23.71 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t08.flac23.32 MB
disc 3/ween2001-08-18d3t01.flac23.28 MB
disc 3/ween2001-08-18d3t03.flac22.77 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t06.flac22.37 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t14.flac21.87 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t05.flac21.85 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t04.flac20.96 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t08.flac20.47 MB
disc 1/ween2001-08-18d1t01.flac15.68 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t05.flac14.53 MB
disc 2/ween2001-08-18d2t10.flac14.06 MB
2001-08-18_setlist.jpg144.13 kB
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2001-08-18_Ween.md52.25 kB
8-18-2001 Girdwood, AK.txt1.01 kB
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