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Ween - 1991-03-21 New Brunswick, NJ (13) **RESEED**

DownloadWeen - 1991-03-21 New Brunswick, NJ (13).torrent
Info hashbce9fbca4d294c14298d8af1d130ac1b830dd40e
Description*a thir13en Remaster*

So I hear this is a classic early Ween show. To me, any and all Ween is awesome, and a quality live cap is usually worthy of attention.

This one needed some work to tame some of the wildness and to help create a better mix.

Filler from orignal seed was left out to better focus on this particular show.

...Once I was done with all my settings on this, a deeper look made me think this source is a bit suspect. Not being too hip on Ween boots-gens-sources, I finished it anyways...but if a better source does in fact exist, it's easy enough for me to redo this once that source is provided. All the settings are saved and ready to go at anytime...

Peace on, rock out,




Court Tavern
New Brunswick, NJ

01.The Wind
04.Cover it with Gas...
05.Sketches of Winkle
06.Marble Tulip Tree
08.Weed Whore
11.Fat Lenny
12.Cold & Wet
13.You Fucked Up
14.Tastes Good on the Bun

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Sorry about no real source info, I got nothing...
TypeWeen Live Audio 1987-1994
Last seederLast activity 21:04 ago
Size292.04 MB (306,226,199 bytes)
Added2012-06-18 18:28:46
Snatched49 time(s)
Upped byBrockDenker
Num files15 files
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06- Marble Tulip Tree.flac45.48 MB
01- The Wind.flac37.41 MB
14- Tastes Good on the Bun.flac35.54 MB
05- Sketches of Winkle.flac23.85 MB
09- Papazit.flac21.42 MB
03- Seconds.flac17.27 MB
02- Bumblebee.flac16.19 MB
12- Cold & Wet.flac15.81 MB
13- You Fucked Up.flac14.24 MB
08- Weed Whore.flac14.13 MB
07- Tick.flac13.85 MB
11- Fat Lenny.flac13.34 MB
04- Cover it with Gas....flac12.90 MB
10- Boing.flac10.63 MB
13nfo.txt1.16 kB
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