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Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio) ** RESEED**

Download2001-01-02_Ween_Asbury Park_NJ_The Saint_FLAC_(Cleaner).torrent
Info hash8b8d78f4aacfcb267b074b657980d7b18a890be6
DescriptionI love this show and the setlist is second to none.

The Auburn University Youth Jazz Ensemble
aka Ween
The Saint
Asbury Park, NJ
"Cleaner Version"

Source: ???>CDR>EAC>FLAC(Level 8/Verify/Align SBEs)

Disc 1
1.  Freedom Of 76'
2.  Captain Fantasy
3.  Take Me Away
4.  Sweet Texas Fire
5.  Puerto Rican Power
6.  Get A Little Taste Of You
7.  6 seconds of crowd noise
8.  Voodoo Lady
9.  I Was Nothing
10. Exactly Where I'm At
11. Bananas And Blow
12. I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
13. Going Gets Tough From The Getgo
14. Touch My Tooter
15. Wayne's Pet Youngin'
16. You Fucked Up
17. Never Squeal On The Pusher

Disc 2
18. Happy Birthday To Dave>Pandy Fackler
19. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
20. Back To Basom
21. She Wanted To Leave
22. The Mollusk
23. Dancing In The Show Tonight
24. Roses Are Free
25. Demon Sweat (Gener on keys, Deaner on bass)
26. Laura
27. Stay Forever
28. Homo Rainbow
29. Put The Coke On My Dick
30. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
31. Stroker Ace

Disc 3
32. Licking The Palm For Guava
33. Mushroom Festival In Hell
34. Big Jilm
35. Buckingham Green
36. Now I'm Freaking Out
37. The Concert's Over
38. Vallejo

I'm not certain what rig was used to make this recording, but since it has the same 6 second track (d1t7) as the one identified as MBHO 630 (card) > MP-2 > Graham Patton ADC-20 > MP-2 > D-8 (jkeats rig), I'm pretty sure it's the same recording.  But jkeats tells me he didn't use his rig that night.  According to him, everyone was probably running off the following rig: schoeps cmc6/mk41 > schoeps vms2 > sbm1 > [whatever deck]. Since I don't know for certain, I'm not specifying the setup.  But I can tell you that this recording is significantly cleaner than the other recording that's been circulating.  A good way to tell which version you have is to check Puerto Rican Power.  Around the 57 second mark, you'll hear a bunch of pops in the MBHO version, while this version is clean.  I got this copy from Randy Bayers who received a copy of the recording in a trade shortly after the show.  I have a feeling the MBHO version is the same recording, but someone screwed up the duplication process somewhere down the line.  One more reason to make sure you use EAC to make copies!!

Thanks to Randy Bayers for hooking me up with a copy of this!

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Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/09 - Track09 - Ween2001-01-02.flac52.02 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/17 - Track17 - Ween2001-01-02.flac46.23 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/08 - Track08 - Ween2001-01-02.flac44.64 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/07 - Track07 - Ween2001-01-02.flac41.05 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/07 - Track07 - Ween2002-01-02.flac38.56 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/09 - Track09 - Ween2001-01-02.flac38.35 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/03 - Track03 - Ween2002-01-02.flac37.09 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/01 - Track01 - Ween2001-01-02.flac35.57 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/12 - Track12 - Ween2001-01-02.flac34.11 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/02 - Track02 - Ween2002-01-02.flac33.24 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/05 - Track05 - Ween2002-01-02.flac31.44 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/13 - Track13 - Ween2001-01-02.flac28.49 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/03 - Track03 - Ween2001-01-02.flac26.59 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/10 - Track10 - Ween2001-01-02.flac26.56 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/11 - Track11 - Ween2001-01-02.flac26.21 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/03 - Track03 - Ween2001-01-02.flac25.48 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/08 - Track08 - Ween2001-01-02.flac24.71 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/04 - Track04 - Ween2002-01-02.flac24.45 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/10 - Track10 - Ween2001-01-02.flac23.54 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/05 - Track05 - Ween2001-01-02.flac23.38 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/12 - Track12 - Ween2001-01-02.flac23.09 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/01 - Track01 - Ween2001-01-02.flac22.69 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/13 - Track13 - Ween2001-01-02.flac20.30 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/04 - Track04 - Ween2001-01-02.flac19.91 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/11 - Track11 - Ween2001-01-02.flac19.72 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/06 - Track06 - Ween2001-01-02.flac19.71 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/02 - Track02 - Ween2001-01-02.flac19.31 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/14 - Track14 - Ween2001-01-02.flac18.94 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/02 - Track02 - Ween2001-01-02.flac18.78 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/14 - Track14 - Ween2001-01-02.flac18.60 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/04 - Track04 - Ween2001-01-02.flac17.89 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/05 - Track05 - Ween2001-01-02.flac15.88 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d2/06 - Track06 - Ween2001-01-02.flac13.69 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/16 - Track16 - Ween2001-01-02.flac12.61 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d3/01 - Track01 - Ween2002-01-02.flac12.21 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/15 - Track15 - Ween2001-01-02.flac11.41 MB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/d1/07 - Track07 - Ween2001-01-02.flac420.44 kB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio).md52.71 kB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio).ffp2.67 kB
Ween2001-01-02 (cleaner audio)/ween2001-01-02-info.txt2.35 kB
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