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Ween2001-10-01 The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA (RESEED)

Info hash3039d30c2fe5ed5a997955d12f87834537ae2d1b
october 1, 2003
the moore theatre
seattle, wa

schoeps mk4 cardioid (110 degrees/stand mounted)>bill reutelheuber r-mod supply>sony sbm-1>sony m1>cdr>eac>flac

disc 1

buckingham green
the stallion pt. 3
marble tulip juicy tree
happy colored marbles
the grobe
take me away
voodoo lady>
voodoo lady
i don't want it

disc 2

roses are free
the argus
the mollusk
she fucks me
birthday boy
don't laugh (i love you)
ocean man (false start)
ocean man
wavin my dick in the wind

disc 3

you fucked up
i'll be your johnny on the spot
pandy fackler
fat lenny
i can't put my finger on it
bananas and blow
spinal meningitis (got me down)
booze me up and get me high
poopship destroyer
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2003-10-01d2t02.flac39.91 MB
ween2003-10-01d3t02.flac37.61 MB
ween2003-10-01d1t01.flac35.68 MB
ween2003-10-01d3t04.flac33.07 MB
ween2003-10-01d3t05.flac31.43 MB
ween2003-10-01d2t03.flac30.64 MB
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ween2003-10-01d1t05.flac28.38 MB
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ween2003-10-01d1t02.flac26.89 MB
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ween2003-10-01d2t10.flac25.52 MB
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ween2003-10-01d2t06.flac22.76 MB
ween2003-10-01d2t08.flac22.52 MB
ween2003-10-01d1t06.flac21.31 MB
ween2003-10-01d2t11.flac17.05 MB
ween2003-10-01d3t01.flac14.60 MB
ween2003-10-01d2t07.flac14.22 MB
ween2003-10-01d1t11.flac11.55 MB
ween2003-10-01d2t09.flac8.30 MB
ween2003-10-01d1t10.flac5.88 MB
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