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Ween - Rare & Live: The '00's (new compilation)

DownloadWeen - Rare and Live - The '00's.torrent
Info hashc78c16a77e1293b5792c95bc7b7296ae833ac330
Rare and Live: The '00's
Compiled by RBayers on 6/29/12

01. Strap On That Jammypac (9/14/03 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theater)
02. Voodoo Lady > Kiss > Voodoo Lady (4/20/00 New Brunswick, NJ @ Skelley Field - Rutgers U)
03. It's Gonna Be A Long Night (Dave on vocals) (2/7/02 Trenton, NJ @ The Conduit)
04. I Was Nothing (1/2/01 Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint)
05. Flies On My Dick (with Dickie Moist) (8/10/07 Austin, TX @ Stubb's BBQ)
06. Little Birdy (10/31/05 Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint)
07. Laura (5/2/00 Somerville, MA @ Somerville Theater)
08. I'm in the Mood (7/28/01 Kintnersville, PA @ Science Fair)
09. Ooh Va La (6/13/04 Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music Festival)
10. Falling Out (10/3/04 Trenton, NJ @ The Conduit)
11. Let Me Roll It (8/31/06 Allentown, PA @ The Great Allentown Fair)
12. All of My Love 9/27/03 (Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst)
13. DC Won't Do You No Good (4/26/07 Allentown, PA @ Sterling Hotel)
14. Cold Blows The Wind (8/4/03  Portland, ME @ State Theatre)
15. Allman Sunrise (6/10/00 New Hope, PA @ Solebury High School Soccer Field)
16. Take Me Away > Riders On The Storm > Take Me Away (6/27/00 San Fran, CA @ The Warfield)
17. 1999 (7/12/00 Birmingham, AL @ 5 Points South Music Hall)
18. Deez Nuts (4/27/02 Carbondale, IL @ Shyrock Auditorium)
19. Put The Coke On My Dick (4/2/01 Athens, GA @ Georgia Theater)
20. Don't Laugh I Love You (3/21/02 Allentown, PA @ Sterling Hotel)
21. The Beacon Light (9/6/09 Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks)
22. Hey Bulldog (7/21/06 San Fran, CA @ The Independent)
23. Fruit Man (4/26/07 Allentown, PA @ Sterling Hotel)
24. Polka Dot Tail (with Rev. B-Ill) (7/25/07 Princeton, NJ @ Community Park North)
25. Boys Club (12/1/05 Boulder, CO @ Boulder Theater)
26. Bag of Weed (as Jimmy Wilson Group) (6/30/01 New Hope, PA @ John & Peter's)
27. Drop The Bomb (7/26/06 Boise, ID @ Big Easy Concert House)
28. Monique The Freak (4/15/11 Athens, GA @ The 40 Watt Club)
29. Got To Put The Hammer Down Hammer (10/17/07 Bloomington, IN @ The Bluebird)
30. Leave Deaner Alone (10/27/05 Washington DC @ 9:30 Club)
31. War Pigs (with Johnny) (7/20/00 Knoxville, TN @ Moose's)
32. Don't Sweat It (8/17/01 Girdwood, AK @ Alyeska Resort's Daylodge)
33. Superstar (7/15/08 Ft. Collins, CO @ Hodi's Half Note)
34. North Pappy Flappy (7/12/00 Birmingham, AL @ 5 Points South Music Hall)
35. The Concert Is Over (12/30/00 New Hope, PA @ John & Peter's)

The counterpart to this compilation, Rare & Live: The '90's, can be found here:
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WeenRareLiveThe00st01 Strap On That Jammypac.flac19.23 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st02 Voodoo Lady - Kiss - Voodoo Lady.flac74.69 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st03 It's Gonna Be A Long Night.flac17.95 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st04 I Was Nothing.flac34.02 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st05 Flies On My Dick (with Dickie Moist).flac24.17 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st06 Little Birdy.flac15.03 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st07 Laura.flac39.39 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st08 I'm In The Mood.flac7.11 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st09 Ooh Va La.flac24.81 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st10 Falling Out.flac14.78 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st11 Let Me Roll It.flac20.08 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st12 All Of My Love.flac30.64 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st13 DC Won't Do You No Good.flac22.19 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st14 Cold Blows The Wind.flac22.57 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st15 Allman Sunrise.flac31.32 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st16 Take Me Away - Riders On The Storm - Take Me Away.flac43.73 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st17 1999.flac26.27 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st18 Deez Nuts.flac10.15 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st19 Put The Coke On My Dick.flac17.31 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st20 Don't Laugh I Love You.flac14.41 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st21 The Beacon Light.flac31.88 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st22 Hey Bulldog.flac20.27 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st23 Fruit Man.flac31.35 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st24 Polka Dot Tail (with Rev B-Ill).flac28.59 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st25 Boys Club.flac13.53 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st26 Bag of Weed.flac36.44 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st27 Drop The Bomb.flac27.99 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st28 Monique The Freak.flac37.06 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st29 Got To Put The Hammer Down.flac16.80 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st30 Leave Deaner Alone.flac15.97 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st31 War Pigs (with Johnny).flac25.00 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st32 Don't Sweat It.flac67.36 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st33 Superstar.flac30.62 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st34 North Pappy Flappy.flac103.96 MB
WeenRareLiveThe00st35 The Concert Is Over.flac54.32 MB
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