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Info hash890023e928a1d1e6bec688b10270b23fd0974f37
Stir Concert Cove
Council Bluffs, IA

source: Peluso cemc6 (cards~DIN,6ftLOC@SBD)> Busman R4(24/48)

transfer/convert: R4 > Wavelab5 > wav(16.44.1) > cdwave editor > FLAC (lvl8)

01. ?
02. ?
03. Transdermal Celebration
04. Wavin' My Dick in the Wind
05. banter
06. Mr Richard Smoker
07. Learning to Live
08. Voodoo Lady
09. Your Party
10. Spinal Meningitis
11. Buckingham Green
12. Happy Colored Marbles
13. Mutilated Lips
14. ?
15. Gabrielle
16. zoloft
17. Johnny on the spot
18. Object
19. Bananas and Blow
20. ?
21. Booze me up and get me High
22. The Mollusc
23. ?
24. Ocean Man
25  Mister Won't You Please Help My Pony
26. Fat Lady
27. HIV song
28. Many Colors in the Homo Rainbow
29. Roses areFree

I downloaded this once here. Since I could't find an actual torrent anymore this is my try to reupload it. If it works more might come
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
Last seederLast activity 24:47 ago
Size583.89 MB (612,249,056 bytes)
Added2012-07-09 16:30:53
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ween2008-07-20.peluso.flac16.ffp1.59 kB
ween2008-07-20info.txt2.39 kB
ween2008-07-20t19.flac17.10 MB
ween2008-07-20t08.flac41.21 MB
ween2008-07-20t26.flac34.93 MB
ween2008-07-20t17.flac28.30 MB
ween2008-07-20t20.flac20.61 MB
ween2008-07-20t12.flac28.53 MB
ween2008-07-20t15.flac15.77 MB
ween2008-07-20.txt1.61 kB
ween2008-07-20t23.flac38.65 MB
ween2008-07-20t29.flac37.59 MB
ween2008-07-20t04.flac11.50 MB
ween2008-07-20t27.flac8.21 MB
ween2008-07-20t24.flac11.44 MB
ween2008-07-20t03.flac20.23 MB
ween2008-07-20t28.flac14.14 MB
ween2008-07-20t06.flac13.88 MB
ween2008-07-20t14.flac14.35 MB
ween2008-07-20t07.flac14.41 MB
ween2008-07-20t05.flac1.71 MB
ween2008-07-20t21.flac22.03 MB
ween2008-07-20t25.flac13.59 MB
ween2008-07-20t22.flac14.52 MB
ween2008-07-20t13.flac25.89 MB
ween2008-07-20t10.flac17.92 MB
ween2008-07-20t16.flac33.25 MB
ween2008-07-20t18.flac13.48 MB
ween2008-07-20t11.flac20.14 MB
ween2008-07-20t09.flac21.89 MB
ween2008-07-20t02.flac15.96 MB
ween2008-07-20t01.flac12.64 MB
ween2008-07-20.peluso.flac16.md51.61 kB
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