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Ween 1994-11-13 Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go (SBD) (reseed)

DownloadWeen 1994-11-13 Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go (SBD).torrent
Info hashbaedb513ca994b87b4d97c634898e2f59875ee1a
DescriptionWeen: Whisky A Go Go, Los ANgeles, CA

SHN>WAV>FLAC by chocolate mike 3/05

Disc 1:
1) Spinal Menengitis
2) Get A Little Taste of You
3) Freedom of 76
4) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
5) I Can't Put My Finger OnIt
6) Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
7) Don't SHit Where You Eat
8) Tick
9) Pumpin' 4 Tha Man
10) Take Me Away
11) The Stallion Pt. 3
12) HIV Song
13) Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony
14) Vallejo
15) Nan
16) Baby Bitch
17 The Blarney Stone

Disc 2:
1) Dr. Rock
2) Fat Lenny

Seeded from James Dineen
TypeWeen Live Audio 1987-1994
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