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Ween-2003-08-09 Ween Philadelphia PA-SHN-RESEED

Info hash6910b6a4d9ab16e672a88fc891a7cd9fddba001c
penn's landing
philadelphia, pa
schoeps mk41>vms>sbm1>d8
taped by PW and JKeats

1. Birthday Boy
2. Chocolate Town
3. Mutilated Lips
4. Tried & True
5. Joppa Road
6. Buckingham Green
7. Stallion 3
8. Happy Colored Marbles
9. Grobe
10. Take Me Away
11. Waving My Dick
12. Puertorican Power
13. Voodoo Lady
14. Riders On The Storm
15. Springtheme
16. Bananas & Blow
17. Exactly Where I'm At

1. Roses
2. Big Jilm
3. Reggaejunkiejew
4. Zoloft
5. Ocean Man
6. You Fucked Up
7. Papa Zit
8. Goin Gets Tough
9. Johnny On The Spot
10. Buenas Tardes

11. Touch My Tooter
12. Dr Rock
13. If You Could Save Yourself
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2012-11-28 15:42:33
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ween2003-08-09t24.shn8.44 MB
ween2003-08-09t01.shn20.62 MB
ween2003-08-09t13.shn38.30 MB
ween2003-08-09t04.shn25.51 MB
ween2003-08-09t06.shn25.74 MB
ween2003-08-09info.md51.67 kB
ween2003-08-09t05.shn21.41 MB
ween2003-08-09t22.shn16.91 MB
ween2003-08-09t11.shn13.53 MB
ween2003-08-09t09.shn21.11 MB
ween2003-08-09t10.shn20.15 MB
ween2003-08-09t14.shn19.75 MB
ween2003-08-09info.txt0.66 kB
ween2003-08-09t20.shn39.12 MB
ween2003-08-09t23.shn11.17 MB
ween2003-08-09t30.shn34.96 MB
ween2003-08-09t15.shn29.84 MB
ween2003-08-09t07.shn18.15 MB
ween2003-08-09t16.shn21.00 MB
ween2003-08-09t18.shn40.04 MB
ween2003-08-09t02.shn17.80 MB
ween2003-08-09t03.shn26.97 MB
ween2003-08-09t28.shn20.08 MB
ween2003-08-09t21.shn34.65 MB
ween2003-08-09t17.shn26.87 MB
ween2003-08-09t29.shn23.68 MB
ween2003-08-09t25.shn12.98 MB
ween2003-08-09t26.shn27.31 MB
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