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Info hashbcfd92f246274540cf327cadbf5150abe1dee3b4
DescriptionGene Wene Band
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Nashville, TN

source: Akg Ck93's > MK90/3 > SE300B > Lunatec V3(@24 bit/ 48kHz) > M-Audio MT 24/96

alternate source:  Sony Ecm-ms908c stereo mic into a panasonic minidv
                  camcorder.(first Five Songs) (From front row right side)
                  (recorded By R Bayers)

Location: FOB, slightly ROC

Transfer: Digital Concepts CR-70R card reader > SoundForge 8.0 (Normalized, dithered
          24>16bit using gaussian method & equal loudness contour on, resampled 48>44.1kHz
          w/highest setting (4) & anti alias filter on, spliced in first five songs from
          alternate source with a long crossfade, fades at begining and end of sets) >
          CDWav v1.95.1 (tracked) > FLAC lVl8

Notes: Thanks Will for coming through with an RCA cable for me! Otherwise this recording
      wouldn't have hapened as I forgot my cable to connect the V3 to the microtrack.....
      which is why the first five songs are missing from my source.  Also had the levels
      set too high at first when I first got it going, but the sound quality improves
      during Who Say You.  I worked on the sound a bit in soundforge on the alternate
      source and the part where my levels were too loud using Sony's Express Audio
      Restoration to fix clipping then reduced the levels.  Not perfect but better than
      it was.

-Disc 1-

01 "Intro"
02 Kansas City Star
03 Mountains Of Buffalo
04 I'll Miss You
05 Ooh Va La
06 Baby Don't Be Afraid
07 It Freaks Me Out
08 Who Say You
09 Hawakawawi Say
10 Blue Balloon
11 Thanks And Praises
12 I Fell In Love Today

-Disc 2-

01 Mr. Sandman
02 DC Won't Do You No Good
03 Lets Get Divorced
04 So Long Jerry
05 Friends
06 Deep Calm
07 Greg The Bunny
08 Chancey Boys
09 "Audince"
10 Kite Flying Man
11 Sledgehammer
12 The Stallion Pt. 4
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2012-12-02 13:00:30
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GWB2009-03-24d1t12_I_Fell_In_Love_Today.flac40.21 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t07_Greg_The_Bunny.flac19.29 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t08_Chancey_Boys.flac23.11 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t06_Deep_Calm.flac22.53 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t07_It_Freaks_Me_Out.flac25.23 MB
GWB2009-03-24.flac16.ffp.txt1.71 kB
GWB2009-03-24d1t02_Kansas_City_Star.flac13.19 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t01_Intro.flac11.56 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t05_Friends.flac38.44 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t04_So_Long_Jerry.flac34.51 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t10_Kite_Flying_Man.flac12.36 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t06_Baby_Don't_Be_Afraid.flac21.93 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t11_Sledgehammer.flac44.07 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t02_DC_Won't_Do_You_No_Good.flac30.08 MB kB
GWB2009-03-24d1t11_Thanks_And_Praises.flac31.28 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t03_Mountains_Of_Buffalo.flac20.31 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t04_I'll_Miss_You.flac17.54 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t03_Lets_Get_Divorced.flac38.59 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t10_Blue_Balloon.flac28.38 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t01_Mr._Sandman.flac18.59 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t09_Hawakawawi_ Say.flac25.78 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t12_The_Stallion_Pt._4.flac34.79 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t08_Who_Say_You.flac43.44 MB
GWB2009-03-24d1t05_Ooh_Va_La.flac29.80 MB
GWB2009-03-24d2t09_Audience.flac18.59 MB
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