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Info hash37b9b6c9dced40f79e8af5f7f9a0a08eb8ed7ebe
Kentucky Theater
Lexington, KY

Source: AKG C391B's > Sound Devices MP-2 > Graham Patten ADC-20(48kHz) >Sony D8

Mic location: FOB, slightly ROC

Transfer: Sony DTC-60ES > M-Audio FireWire 410 (via coax SPDIF) > SoundForge 8.0
          (normalized, fades at begining and end of show,resampled 48>44.1kHz
          w/highest setting(4) and anti-alias filter on) > CDWav v1.95.1 (tracked) > FLAC lVl8

Taped and transferred by: Rodeo (

-Disc 1-

01 "Intro/Tuning"
02 Don't Shit Where You Eat
03 Piss up a Rope
04 Spinal Menengitis
05 Now I'm freaking out
06 Mr. Would you please help my pony
07 Mr. Richard Smoker
08 Waving my dick in the Wind
09 Take me Away
10 Puerto Rican Power
11 Bananas and blow
12 Voodoo Lady
13 Spring Theme
14 Push the Lil' Daisies
15 Roses are Free

-Disc 2-

01 Mollusc
02 Ocean Man
03 Jopa Road
04 Exactly Where I'm At
05 HIV
06 Laura
07 Goin Gets Tough
08 Johnny On The Spot
09 Dr Rock
10 "Audience"
11 Buckingham Green
12 Sorry Charlie
13 Big Jilm
14 Stroker Ace
15 You Fucked Up
16 Hot For Teacher
17 Someday
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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