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Ween, Palace Theatre, Albany, NY 2007-06-12 (FLAC - reseed)

DownloadWeen2007-06-12 Palace Theatre - Albany, NY.torrent
Info hashc70c751b3edb9603b227a732b5e4ed3dd04c9ae8
Palace Theater
Albany, NY

No Source Info
Audio Recorded by Peter and Dave Wade
Flac'd and Seeded to Browntracker 09/08/2008 by Andy Ruddock

Exactly Where I'm At
Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Wavin' My DIck In The Wind
Mister Richard Smoker
Even If You Don't
Voodoo Lady
Push Th' Little Daisies
She's Your Baby
Bananas And Blow
Touch My Tooter
A Tear For Eddie

Buckingham Green
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Your Party
Porkroll Egg & Cheese
The Mollusk
I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
Stroker Ace
Pandy Fackler
Tender Situation
Squelch The Weasel
Demon Sweat
Ocean Man

Powder Blue
Homo Rainbow

Voodoo Lady and Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) with Mickey on Talkbox.

There is an error in "I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot" that forced the song to be cut into two separate tracks. 

This seems to be the most heavily requested show of the past two years...Enjoy!
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size695.52 MB (729,308,986 bytes)
Added2012-12-27 19:04:52
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Num files34 files
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Disc 1/08 Voodoo Lady.flac56.50 MB
Disc 2/09 Pandy Fackler.flac56.36 MB
Disc 1/09 Zoloft.flac44.41 MB
Disc 1/16 A Tear For Eddie.flac37.31 MB
Disc 2/10 Tender Situation.flac32.17 MB
Disc 2/13 Demon Sweat.flac24.04 MB
Disc 2/01 Buckingham Green.flac21.95 MB
Disc 2/03 Your Party.flac20.61 MB
Disc 2/11 Squelch The Weasel.flac20.43 MB
Disc 1/01 Exactly Where I'm At.flac20.23 MB
Disc 2/07 I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot pt 2.flac19.75 MB
Disc 2/15 Someday.flac19.71 MB
Disc 1/12 Bananas And Blow.flac19.69 MB
Disc 1/03 Transdermal Celebration.flac19.47 MB
Disc 2/02 Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down).flac18.92 MB
Disc 2/05 The Mollusk.flac18.66 MB
Disc 1/11 She's Your Baby.flac17.87 MB
Disc 1/02 Take Me Away.flac17.13 MB
Disc 1/07 Even If You Don't.flac16.24 MB
Disc 3/02 Homo Rainbow.flac15.81 MB
Disc 2/14 Ocean Man.flac15.29 MB
Disc 1/14 Touch My Tooter.flac15.21 MB
Disc 1/04 Wavin' My DIck In The Wind.flac14.96 MB
Disc 1/15 Gabrielle.flac14.92 MB
Disc 1/05 Mister Richard Smoker.flac14.72 MB
Disc 1/10 Push Th' Little Daisies.flac14.35 MB
Disc 1/13 Fiesta.flac14.27 MB
Disc 2/04 Porkroll Egg & Cheese.flac14.24 MB
Disc 3/01 Powder Blue.flac14.05 MB
Disc 2/06 I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot pt 1.flac12.01 MB
Disc 1/06 Even If You Don't Intro.flac11.88 MB
Disc 2/12 Sarah.flac11.48 MB
Disc 2/08 Stroker Ace.flac10.88 MB
Ween 2007-06-12 Palace Theaer - Albany, NY.txt1.30 kB
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