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ween2007-10-26 AKG481 FLAC-RESEED

Downloadween2007-10-26 AKG481 FLAC-RESEED.torrent
Info hash78ea9ab932d5add71f6bce65b461c047a537661b
DescriptionObviously I have too much bandwidth.
Also I do not like to search for live ween shows in many places.
So here some more reseeds

Sound Academy (Formerly The Docks)
Toronto, ON

Source: Akg 480 ck61 > Lunatec V2 @30db > Tacscam Da-P1 @ 44.1khz (Located left side at front edge of SBD)

Transfer: Sony DTC-690> Audioquest Optilink 1 > Sekd'D Prodif Plus> Samplitude V5.5>
          CDwav> Flac frontend @ highest setting

Taped and Transferred by: Sparki

Disc 1:

01: Ice Castles
02: Fiesta
03: Take Me Away
04: Transdermal Celebration
05: Wavin' My Dick in the Wind
06: The Grobe
07: Object
08: Voodoo Lady
09: Exactly Where I'm At
10: Your Party
11: Spinal Meningitis
12: Bananas and Blow
13: Learnin' To Love
14: Piss Up a Rope
15: Frank
16: The Mollusk

Disc 2:

01: Touch My Tooter
02: Stroker Ace
03: Fat Lenny
04: The Argus
05: Roses Are Free
06: Spirit Walker
07: Push th' Little Daisies
08: My Own Bare Hands
09: Woman and Man
10: Buckingham Green
11: Encore Break/Crowd
12: HIV Song
13: Pony
14: Dr. Rock
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size768.23 MB (805,549,027 bytes)
Added2013-02-06 16:33:49
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ween 2007-10-26d2t08.flac22.90 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t14.flac19.99 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t13.flac18.92 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t05.flac45.79 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t01.flac17.64 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t06.flac24.37 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t13.flac19.16 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t10.flac25.88 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t02.flac14.42 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t15.flac51.64 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t10.flac23.22 MB
ween2007-10-26.txt4.37 kB
ween 2007-10-26d2t03.flac41.38 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t04.flac24.76 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t11.flac27.04 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t06.flac20.15 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t12.flac14.13 MB
ffp.txt3.43 kB
ween 2007-10-26d1t05.flac15.84 MB
weensetlisttoronto2007-10-26.jpg44.23 kB
ween 2007-10-26d1t02.flac15.40 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t04.flac29.32 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t08.flac54.25 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t14.flac20.84 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t09.flac48.36 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t01.flac18.21 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t16.flac23.11 MB
ween 2007-10-26d2t07.flac18.83 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t03.flac24.13 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t11.flac20.93 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t12.flac24.38 MB
ween 2007-10-26d1t09.flac25.15 MB
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