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DescriptionOne of many sources for this one.
The video is also available on browntracker



Water Street Music Hall

Rochester, NY

Disc 1:

01: Nan
02: Take Me Away
03: Grobe
04: Transdermal Celebration
05: Bananas and Blow
06: Spinal Meningitis
07: Happy Colored Marbles
08: The Party
09: Voodoo Lady
10: Albino Sunburned Girl
11: Piss Up A Rope
12: Dont Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
13: Puertorican Power
14: Touch My Tooter
15: Buckingham Green

Disc 2:

01: Captain
02: Tried & True
03: Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
04: I Don't Want It
05: Sketches Of Winkle
06: Fiesta
07: Waving My Dick
08: Licking The Palm For Guava>
09: Mushroom Festival In Hell
10: Buenas Tardes
11: Encore Break/Crowd
12: Mollusk
13: Big Jilm

Source: CSB>BatBoxW/FilterOn>Microtrack@16/44.1>.wav>GoldwaveForTracking&Maximization>.wav>FFE@lvl8>.flac

Location: Balcony/Center Clipped on to toaster's rig

thanks again to toaster for letting me run the CSB's

*Do Not Sell*
*Do Not Convert To Lossy Formats Except For PERSONAL USE ONLY*

TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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CD2/d2t4.flac31.36 MB
CD2/d2t2.flac24.55 MB
CD2/d2t10.flac48.26 MB
CD2/d2t12.flac27.99 MB
CD2/d2t8.flac12.14 MB
CD2/d2t3.flac17.27 MB
CD2/d2t1.flac67.75 MB
CD2/d2t5.flac15.75 MB
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