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Ween Terminal 11-30-2007-RESEED

DownloadWeen Terminal 11-30-2007-RESEED.torrent
Info hash02d71ed9a541fc1b094320d9bbef1d099206220d
DescriptionAlternate recording should be already available on browntracker

Ween Terminal 5
Source:M-audio/ Pre Amp:Church-Audio ST-9100 stereo microphone preamp /Mics Church-Audio STC-11 stereo cardioid microphone recorded 24/96 converted to/16/44 Cd wave to Flac/9ft stand by Soundboard

Source For Encores:From PETE
Thanks for pete hooking me up/ My encores got fucked up on the recorder Plus there will be more sources of these shows very soon Hopefully

1.Exactly where I'm at
2.She wanted to leave
4.Golden eel
5.Baby bitch
6.Piss up rope
7.Voodoo lady
8.Your party
9.Light me up
10.Waving my dick in wind
11.Touch my Tooter
12.Even if you don't
13. object
14.Beacon light
15.Mr richard smoker
17.Johnny on the spot
19.Stallion pt.5
20.Puerto rican power
21.You fucked up
22.Tender situation
24.Panady fackler
25.Put the hammer down
26.Ocean man
29.Jammy pack
31.Booze me up & get me high
32.Blarney stone
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size788.16 MB (826,442,842 bytes)
Added2013-02-13 14:16:13
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Ween 11-30-2007_0126.flac13.17 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0105.flac19.63 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0106.flac19.58 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0130.flac14.67 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0125.flac16.02 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0118.flac20.90 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0127.flac61.07 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0103.flac11.01 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0111.flac16.50 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0129.flac18.07 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0109.flac22.18 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0131.flac27.87 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0120.flac10.89 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0116.flac35.00 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0102.flac15.53 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0123.flac22.29 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0110.flac12.80 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0132.flac49.72 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0104.flac32.03 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0114.flac28.77 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0107.flac48.46 MB
11-30-2007.txt0.98 kB
Ween 11-30-2007_0113.flac17.43 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0112.flac25.96 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0101.flac23.47 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0121.flac13.20 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0119.flac23.55 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0117.flac30.73 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0128.flac20.43 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0124.flac48.40 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0108.flac25.95 MB
Ween 11-30-2007_0115.flac16.05 MB
Ween Terminal 11-30-2007.md51.96 kB
Ween 11-30-2007_0122.flac26.83 MB
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