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Gene Ween2007-03-22-RESEED

DownloadGene Ween2007-03-22-RESEED.torrent
Info hash5ee3580dcde8bf3c2d63b939eeafeb515f132549
DescriptionGene Ween
March 22, 2007
Johnny Brenda's
Philadelphia PA

Source:  Schoeps MK-41 > VMS > SBM1 > DAP1 > DAT > CD (probably)
Transfer: CD > EAC (Secure Mode) > FLAC Front End (Level 8/Align/Verify)

Recorded by Pete

::DISC 1::
01) Intro
02) Among His Tribe
03) What Deaner Was Talking About
04) Ooh Va La
05) Flutes Of The Chi
06) Alone
07) Spirit Walker
08) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
09) Cold Blows The Wind
10) It's Gonna Be (Alright)
11) Best Time At Your Party
12) Learning To Live, Loving To Learn

::DISC 2::
01) Mononucleosis
02) So Long Jerry
03) She Wanted To Leave
04) Space Oddity
05) The Grobe
06) Gener Talking
07) The Argus
08) Pumpin' For The Man (folk style)
09) Mountains And Buffalo
10) E: Loving U Thru It All
11) E: Gener's Gone

special thanks to zaclee for giving me a copy of this great recording

flac'ed, tagged, and seeded by nooch on 7/7/07
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size475.53 MB (498,633,702 bytes)
Added2013-02-16 03:18:21
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Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t07 - The Argus.flac33.50 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t02 - So Long Jerry.flac21.02 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t10 - It's Gonna Be (Alright).flac16.88 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22.md51.90 kB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t03 - She Wanted To Leave.flac16.12 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t08 - Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy).flac23.61 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t03 - What Deaner Was Talking About.flac12.44 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t02 - Among His Tribe.flac31.73 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t09 - Cold Blows The Wind.flac29.36 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t07 - Spirit Walker.flac18.27 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t09 - Mountains And Buffalo.flac30.90 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22.ffp1.88 kB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t04 - Ooh Va La.flac18.69 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t01 - Mononucleosis.flac14.55 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t11 - Best Time At Your Party.flac25.48 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t05 - The Grobe.flac19.34 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t08 - Pumpin' For The Man.flac15.41 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t06 - Alone.flac21.98 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t10 - Loving U Thru It All.flac12.74 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t12 - Learning To Live, Loving to Learn.flac20.33 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t05 - Flutes Of The Chi.flac27.09 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t06 - Gener Talking.flac3.05 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t11 - Gener's Gone.flac27.89 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d1t01 - Intro.flac8.55 MB
Gene Ween2007-03-22.txt0.94 kB
Gene Ween2007-03-22d2t04 - Space Oddity.flac26.60 MB
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