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Info hashfdf557e769bb5e96c7a96da991218f662cd3ad5d
August 09, 2007
Austin, TX

Taper: Josh Finklea
Source: Church Audio Cardiod Mics > Church Audio STC-9000 Preamp > iRiver iHP-120 (44.1 KHz, 16 bit wav files)
Editing: Audacity > wav > CD Wave (tracking)

Disc 1

1.  Intro
2.  hiv song
3.  golden eel
4.  baby bitch
5.  spinal meningitis
6.  even if you dont
7.  transdermal celebration
8.  touch my tooter
9.  slowdown boy
10. wavin my dick in the wind
11. voodoo lady
12. zoloft
13. exactly where i'm at
14. push the little daisies
15. piss up a rope

Disc 2

1.  final alarm
2.  she's your baby
3.  frank
4.  the mullusk
5.  johnny on the spot
6.  stroker ace
7.  puerto rican power
8.  ocean man
9.  a tear for eddie
10. the party
11. she fucks me
12. chant
13. i can't put my finger on it

Disc 3

1.  Encore:
2.  fiesta
3.  sketches of winkle
4.  sorry charlie
5.  booze me up
6.  someday
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2007-08-09d2t12.flac17.95 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t11.flac32.89 MB
ween2007-08-09d3t02.flac19.76 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t03.flac33.31 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t10.flac29.54 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t02.flac17.12 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t03.flac48.67 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t01.flac4.75 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t06.flac32.22 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t04.flac21.07 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t05.flac41.64 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t08.flac52.21 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t15.flac20.30 MB
ween2007-08-09d3t01.flac24.11 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t07.flac22.54 MB
Ween2007-08-09.txt2.87 kB
ween2007-08-09d2t07.flac18.80 MB
Ween2007-08-09.ffp.txt1.90 kB
ween2007-08-09d3t05.flac28.24 MB
ween2007-08-09d3t04.flac24.39 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t06.flac22.76 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t11.flac59.36 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t09.flac24.32 MB
ween2007-08-09d2t01.flac28.82 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t14.flac19.51 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t02.flac11.53 MB
ween2007-08-09d1t10.flac16.80 MB
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