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Info hashfb774593abbce83c51c6ca220ca71473f5f2e49b
DescriptionChris Harford, Mickey Melchiondo, Aaron Freeman
The Raven
New Hope, PA

Schoeps mk41's taped by Peter
CD->EAC->Flac by

Disc 1:
01. Happy Colored Marbles - Instrumental
02. Boys Club - Instrumental
03. Dig A Pony - Instrumental
04. And I Love Her tease
05. Satellite Angel
06. Happy Colored Marbles - Gener on Piano
07. Be My Eyes
08. You Were The Fool
09. You For Me
10. Now I'm Freaking Out
11. Teach Me (almost)
12. Teach Me (Tull Version) Gener On Piano
13. phil collins
14. Tried & True > Raga Jam
15. Render Me Still
16. interlude
17. To Understand You
18. Baby Don't Turn Around > Easy >
19. Dragonfly

Disc 2:
01. Back To Basom
02. Spirit Walker
03. The Glider To The Queen > Red House tease
04. Dig A Pony
05. So Tired
06. Blackbird
07. Piggies (alomst maybe)
08. Cowgirl in the Sand (kinda)
09. Albuqurque
10. Jingle Bell Rock
11. Deck the Halls
12. Dradel Dradel Dradel
13. All Along the Watchtower
14. Stairway to Heaven
15. Dream On
16. I Don't Want to go to Chelsea
17. Baby Give Me One More Chance
18. Pain is Good
19. Baby Bitch
20. Holding On To you
21. Birthday Boy
22. Chocolate Town
23. Tender Situation
24. Piss Up A Rope
25. What We Do Not Know
26. Squelch The Weasel

Disc 3:
01. interlude
02. Powder Blue - Gener on piano
03. Sing, Breathe & Be Merry
04. Boys Club (cock tease)
05. ba ba ba baaa baa
06. stop the world
07. pill in my hand
08. i'll keep holding on
09. Woman & Man - Gener on Piano
10. hell yeah
11. interlude
12. Leaf of Fall - Chris on Piano
13. Buckingham Green
14. Hold Me, Hold You
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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