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ween 2006-07-31 val air ballroom - des moines, ia-RESEED

Downloadween 2006-07-31 val air ballroom - des moines, ia-RESEED.torrent
Info hash7d50dbac9c246312e9190a480d208ce4917a2109
val air ballroom
des moines, ia

taped by matt b. (

akg c1000s -> rolls pb224 -> sony mz-m10 (hi-sp) -> pc via usb -> sonicstage ->
wav -> eac (normalize) -> cd wave editor -> flac via dbpoweramp (medium level)

01 exactly where i'm at
02 what deaner was talking about
03 marble tulip juicy tree
04 spinal meningitis
05 stallion pt. 3
06 touch my tooter
07 don't get 2 close
08 help my pony
09 take me away
10 sweet tx fire
11 roses are free
12 she's your baby
13 piss up a rope
14 buckingham green
15 tear for eddie
16 buenas tardes (mickey on drums, claude on guitar)
17 hiv
18 leave deaner alone
19 bananas and blow
20 mollusk
21 blarney stone
22 johnny on the spot
23 zoloft
24 she fucks me
25 ocean man
26 waving my dick in the wind
27 homo rainbow


28 l.m.l.y.p. > crimson and clover*

(house lights come on, go home music plays, half the people leave, lights go off again)


29 ace Of spades^

* tommy james and the shondells
^ motorhead
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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