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Info hashe49391e1006d8a551bd2647ef5a42565f172d93a
April 26, 2007
Sterling Hotel
Allentown, PA

Schoeps CMC6/MK4V's> Lunatech V2 > AD2K+(48/24)> VX Pocket > Vaio
Resample & Bit Dither SoundForge 6.0

Recorded by Brandon Hughes
Transferred by Kevin Slivka (

Disc One
1. tuning
2. fiesta
3. the grobe
4. transdermal
5. take me away
6. bananas & blow
7. DC weekend
8. buckingham green
9. happy colored marbles
10. pork roll egg and cheese
11. woman And man
12. the party
13. gabrielle
14. touch my tooter
15. Johnny on the spot
16. even if you don't
17. exactly Where i'm at

Disc Two
1. tuning
2. piss up a rope
3. pumpin' for the man
4. light me up
5. she wanted to leave
6. the HIV song
7. spinal meningitis
8. juice nan
9. Frank
10. the mollusk
11. homo rainbow
12. fiesta

13. fiesta
14. never squeel on a pusher
15. someday
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween070426d1t12.flac26.25 MB
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ween070426d1t05.flac23.31 MB
ween070426d1t09.flac37.04 MB
ween070426d1t16.flac33.56 MB
ween070426d1t03.flac24.70 MB
ween070426d1t07.flac26.09 MB
ween070426d1t15.flac36.29 MB
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