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Ween2008-01-23 Remaster flac16 44-RESEED

Info hash41bbcf162634d9a5459c9a6dce8eff7e4c5b3a09
DescriptionWeen 1-23-2008
Dar Washington DC

Middle Balcony 6 Ft Stand

Source:M-audio/ Pre Amp:Church-Audio ST-9100 stereo microphone preamp /Mics Church-Audio STC-11 stereo cardioid microphone recorded 24/96 converted to/16/44 Cd wave to Flac
Recorded By Ck (AKA Kingkita)

Thanks To John/The Northen Neck Crew

*Note* This copy was remastered by Shaun ( from Ck's masters March 2008

01.Exactly Where I'm At
02.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
03.Spinal Menengitis
04.Bananas & Blow
05.Learning to Love
06.Voodoo Lady
07.Back to Basom
08.With My Own Bare Hands
09.Take Me Away
10.Transdermal Celebration
11.Waving My Dick in the Wind
13.Touch My Tooter
14.I've Got to Put the Hammer Down
16.Buckingham Green
17.Your Party
18.Beacon Light
19.Johnny on the Spot
21.Roses are Free
23.The Mollusk
24.Did You See Me?
25.Ocean Man
26.Doctor Rock

29.Mr. Richard Smoker
30.Miser Would You Please Help My Pony
31.Stroker Ace
32.You Fucked Up
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Size752.96 MB (789,539,135 bytes)
Added2013-02-24 03:13:44
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ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster32.flac20.79 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster05.flac16.46 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster22.flac23.25 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster03.flac21.10 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster28.flac20.81 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster02.flac16.48 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster07.flac25.24 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster11.flac15.33 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster27.flac15.23 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster16.flac26.01 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster31.flac15.73 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster26.flac21.00 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster01.flac26.34 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster10.flac24.84 MB
Ween2008-01-23_Remaster_flac16_44.md52.32 kB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster25.flac23.45 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster13.flac18.13 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster21.flac38.81 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster18.flac36.01 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster04.flac22.14 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster14.flac16.27 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster30.flac17.51 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster24.flac33.20 MB
Ween Dar 1-23-2008_Remaster.txt3.26 kB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster06.flac46.31 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster17.flac26.27 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster08.flac20.30 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster15.flac18.00 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster12.flac18.40 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster29.flac16.72 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster20.flac42.34 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster19.flac29.46 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster23.flac21.81 MB
ween2008-01-23_16_44_remaster09.flac19.21 MB
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