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Ween2008-02-01 Jannus Landing, St. Petersbrug, FL - DVD (RESEED)

Info hash9c9f59f505ecdf09b59c42e184263d50ad91ea41
Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL

Filmed by Jim "Jimbo" Charna, Lenny "Squeaky" Goldenberg, Lisa "The Shiv"
Hunkele, and Jered "Maynards Dick" Haddad.  Jimbo upfront glen side with
Panasonic HVX200 on tripod, Lisa roaming front of barricade handheld entirely with
Panasonic DVX100b, Jered on tripod Deaners side (also DVX100b) and Lenny
was Glens side out in the crowd on tripod, mainly shooting the wide shot, also on Panasonic DVX100b.

Video sources: 3 Panasonic DVX100b's and 1 Panasonic HVX200>capture using
scenalizer>Sony Vegas 7> DVD Architect 2 (sorry, never liked 3!)
Audio sources: Jimbo's source cut after "your party" but is mixed in till
then.  his source: schoeps mk4v>kcy>vms5u>nomad 3 jukebox @48k
2nd source: taped and transfered by jeromejello [at yahoo dot com]
Source: AKG 460b (ck61) > bm2p+ UA-5 > jb3
ortf @ 8', dfc, fob
transfer: jb3 > firewire > SF 7.0* > cdwav > flac>wav>vegas (ect)
3rd audio source: M-audio/ Pre Amp:Church-Audio ST-9100 stereo microphone preamp /Mics Church-Audio STC-11 stereo cardioid microphone recorded 24/96 converted to/16/44 Cd wave to Flac Taped By CK AKA Kingkita
Thanks to Mark for Helping Out at all 3 Fl Shows and/AJ/Kobi/Amy/Johnny

Video bitrate: 8200 kbs/max, 6800 kbs/avg, 6600 kbs/min
16:9, NTSC
Audio Bitrate: 1411

Edited by Jimbo Charna, of JimboFilmsInc. always with great heaps of love to all the WEEN fans! Email me if ya want, dammit.  just say hello, offer me a job, whatever!

The Show:

DVD 1: (71:35)
1 Intro (band walks down strairs from atop venue)
2 Ice Castles
4 Exactly where i'm at
5 Bananas and Blow
6 Spinal Meningitis
7 Voodoo Lady
8 Take me away
9 Gabrielle
10 Mr. Richard Smoker (dedicated to a sick Deaner!)
11 Touch my tooter
12 Object
13 Buckingham Green
14 Your Party
15 With my own Bare Hands
16 Learnin to love
17 Wavin my dick in the wind
18 Sketches of winkle!!!!!!!!!>Even if you don't (no track break, sorry!)

DVD 2: (69:04)
1 Stroker ace
2 Woman and Man
3 Mr. wont you please help my pony?
4 Pandy Fackler
5 Ocean Man
6 The Mollusk
7 Big Jilm
9 Fiesta

10 Drifter in the dark
11 Piss up a rope
12 Booze me up and get me high
13 ACE OF SPADES! (for the guy screaming it all night front row Deaner!)

Special thanks to the mighty WEEN, JW, the real video crew (were just the imposters!), CHIP who is the man, and the crew at Jannus who always hooks
up us video guys upfront!

I hope you all enjoy this labor of love as much as we did filming it and i did putting it together. 

Jimbo Charna 3/5/08
TypeWeen Video DVD
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