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New Hope Is a Bad Scene

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Info hashe0260472aade2af43da5e6aaf53b24f9f5e713ef
DescriptionNew Hope Is a Bad Scene
compilation tape of various New Hope, PA bands


01. Electron - The Clastics
02. Goldstein or Goldstein, Fuck - Johnny Wad In South Korea
03. We Don't Have a Thing in Common - D Minus
04. Fat Albert - Ween
05. The Anthem One - Amazing Thrill Show
06. Just Rock and Roll - False Front
07. I Hate Morrisey - Freeman, Curtin & Weimer
08. Standing on a Corner - D Minus
09. 11:39 E.S.T. - Scott Lowe
10. Instrumental #1 - From a Tape Labeled Guy, Mick, Bill & Aaron
11. Animal Lab Tech from Hell - I.F.D. and Scott Lowe
12. Happy Family - Synthetic Socks
13. Instrumental #2 - From A Tape Labeled Guy, Mick, Bill & Aaron
14. Spleen - The Pine Sheep, #3
15. Time - The Clastics

Side B

01. Auto Autumn - The Treefellows
02. American Way - D Minus
03. Too Many Liberated Men - Freeman, Curtin & Weimer
04. Time 4 Yourself - Freeman, Curtin & Weimer
05. Bouncy Song - False Front
06. The Psychedelic "F" One - Amazing Thrill Show / Grey N.
07. Freedom of '76 - Ween, Live November, 1992, M.E. Rest
08. Sara Pharaoh - The Pine Sheep, #3
09. Killer Speed - Tape Labeled Guy, Mick, Bill & Aaron
10. Jailhouse Rock - The Pine Sheep, #3
11. 911 Is a Joke - Instant Folk Death
12. I Hate Disco - False Front
13. Who Is Bob Lee? - Scott Lowe
14. The Sneeze - Tom Nichols' Grandfather & Scott Lowe
15. Bye-Bye - Tom Nichols

[Liner Notes]
Ok, so The Spread, Combo Holiday, Pot Roast, Grey Network, Takin A Breather and Ray-Diation aren't on here. Scott's reason for Ray-Diation not appearing; "Due to threat of lawsuits and royalty matters, no music by this New Hope Band, which consisted of the Gillian Family, was available'85 Played about as many gigs as D-Minus."

If you're getting this tape, you pretty much already have an idea about the different bands/people on this tape. I just thought it would be interesting, neat, fun, I-have-too-much-time-on-my-hands, thing to do/have, a sort of historical record. Whatever. Here it is.
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