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Info hash81c798b8e44bcf277582f65b946b0cf06f3c7539
House of Blues
Cleveland, OH

Zoom H2 > CD Wave > Traders Little Helper ( Flac 8 ) > Easy Tag
Taped by Toad

This show has some distortion and clipping.
However, another source has not surfaced yet, and I didn't see any other tapers.
The sound in the room from the PA had some problems throughout the night and the built in Zoom H2 mics seem to not repond well to bursts of loud noise or sudden volume changes.
I'm getting better mics soon!
It is still very listenable IMO- I've heard worse for sure.
Usual Ween crowd, drunk and rowdy.
The band is on fire this tour and this show is no exception-
Great night from a great band!
Enjoy or don't.

01 Crowd                               
02 Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese
03 Spinal Meningitis
04 Happy Colored Marbles
05 Piss Up A Rope
06 Tuning
07 Learnin' To Love
08 Take Me Away
09 The Grobe
10 Even If You Don't
11 Voodoo Lady
12 Your Party
13 Buckingham Green
14 Albino Sunburned Girl
15 Tuning
16 Leave Deaner Alone
17 Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
18 Don't Get 2 Close To My Fantasy
19 Stroker Ace
20 Touch My Tooter

01 Object
02 Woman & Man
03 Zoloft
04 Wavin' My Dick In The Wind
05 Dr. Rock
06 Did You See Me
07 My Own Bare Hands
08  Booze Me Up
09 The Mollusk
10 Buenos Tardes, Amigos
11 Crowd

01 E1: Fiesta
02 Gabrielle
03 Papa Zit
04 Mr. Richard Smoker
05 Powder Blue
06 Someday
07 Band leaves stage- lots of folks leave the venue!
08 E2: I'll Be Your Jonny On Th' Spot
09 Young At Heart Jam w/Deaner On Drums

ReSeed via request by PrdPirate 2015. Cheers!

TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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