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Ween2006-07-14 Allgood Festival, Masontown, WV (DVD - RESEED)

DownloadWeen2006-07-14 Allgood-2DVD-Jimbo.torrent
Info hashe61a585a90a72cac3da6c9fc3715609ad0515e2d
Allgood Festival, Marvins Mountaintop, Masontown, WV

DVD 1: (46 mins)
1 exactly where I'm at
2 She wanted to leave
3 Spinal meningitis
4 Take me away
5 Transdermal celebration
6 Wavin' my dick in the wind
7 Even if you don't
8 Buckingham green
9 Back to basom
10 light me up
11 Voodoo lady

DVD 2: (39 mins)
1 Touch my tooter
2 I'll be your Johnny on the spot
3 Puerto rican power
4 Gabrielle
5 Piss up a rope (with Mary of Southern Culture on the skids)
6 Roses are free
7 The Mollusk
8 Dr. Rock
9 Someday

no encore (festival)

Video by Jim "Jimbo" Charna. This was shot with 3 Panasonic DVX-100b cams manned
by Jimbo, Jeremy Sewell ("staunchy"), and Peter King ("sleepypedro").  jeremy was onstage
keyboard side, Jimbo was down in front of Gener, peter was back by the soundboard.

Jimbo used Scenalizer to capture, and Sony Vegas Video 6.0 to edit.  DVD Architect was
used to author dvd.  Audio recorded by Jimbo (schoeps mk4v>kcy>vms5u>nomad 3 @ 16/48) and
sleepypedro (mbho 603a/ka500hn (hyper) > edirol r4 (24/96), dithered to 16/44 using sound-
forge7.0, matrix by Jimbo using Vegas.

source would be:
3 Panasonic DVX-100b's@ 24p>Mini DV>firewire>Scenalizer (to capture)>Sony Vegas (edit)>DVD

Attributes: in GSpot)-
version: 2.52VB01
Build: 040915

Video attributes:

file Size: DVD 1: 3.68 GB DVD 2: 3.09 GB
system bitrate: 10,080kb/s on both
video bit rate: DVD 1: 9400kb/s, DVD 2: 9500kb/s
variable bit rate:  DVD 1: 9400 kb/s max, 9200kb/s avg, 9000kb/s min--2 pass DVD 2:
9500kb/s max, 9200kb/s avg, 9000kb/s minimum
frames per second: 24
frame size: 720x480
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Tv system: NTSC

Audio Attributes:
File Size:  DVD 1: 486 MB DVD 2: 430 MB
File Type: wave (.wav)
Codec: PCM wave
Bit Depth: 16
Bitrate: 1411 kb/s 2 channel

total size: 6.77 GB

Seeded to brown tracker by Jimbo on 8/16/06

Jimbo and his crew is available to videotape YOUR band!  We can do everything from filming, to audio
recording, to editing, to DVD authoring! 

email Jimbo at for further information!
TypeWeen Video DVD
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