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Moistboyz - Juvenile Songs Demo's & Shit Rejects (NOT THE REMASTERED VERSION) (FLAC RESEED)

Info hasha94e8bd9edf4c869e864a8738613d1c294bc8fce
Juvenile Songs Demo's
& Shit Rejects

CD-R>EAC>FLAC (Level 8/Verify/Align SBEs)
seeded and flac'ed by nooch 12/05
thanks Randy Bayers!!

Disc One:
1. Life's A Bitch
2. Boneyard Hum
3. Killer Speed
4. ?
5. Wet Dream Rock Star
6. Powervice (demo)
7. Bullshit Boy
8. Let Me Drive
9. Moistboyz Theme
10. Phonic Man
11. Because I'm Black
12. Whitey Dick Faggot
13. Tantrum Boy
14. Smooth Mover
15. ?
16. 4 A.M. And Joe Is Tired
17. Welcome To The Curse
18. Scorpios
19. It's My House
20. Stick You Like A Pig
21. These Wheels Are Smoking

Disc Two:
1. O.G. Simpson (demo)
2. Money Thang
3. Date Rape
4. Triumph Of Death
5. Stinky John
6. What U Lookin' At?
7. Frequent Flyer
8. Looking 4 Justice
9. U Turn Me Off
10. Golden Fleece
11. I'm Gay And I'm Proud
12. Night Time
13. Not Black
14. Shit Train
15. 28 Years - not the moistboyz?
16. ?
17. Night Time (slow version)
18. I Killed Janet - not the moistboyz??
TypeWeen Misc.
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Added2015-01-17 00:03:11
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disc2/Track04.flac51.19 MB
disc2/Track06.flac35.95 MB
disc2/Track09.flac35.23 MB
disc1/Track18.flac33.90 MB
disc1/Track10.flac32.74 MB
disc1/Track19.flac32.71 MB
disc1/Track05.flac28.54 MB
disc2/Track13.flac28.15 MB
disc2/Track16.flac27.20 MB
disc2/Track10.flac26.77 MB
disc2/Track02.flac25.78 MB
disc2/Track05.flac25.60 MB
disc1/Track15.flac25.15 MB
disc1/Track07.flac25.04 MB
disc1/Track17.flac23.71 MB
disc2/Track18.flac22.98 MB
disc2/Track08.flac22.68 MB
disc1/Track20.flac21.62 MB
disc2/Track11.flac21.24 MB
disc1/Track12.flac21.13 MB
disc2/Track17.flac20.48 MB
disc1/Track01.flac20.03 MB
disc1/Track11.flac19.36 MB
disc2/Track12.flac18.21 MB
disc1/Track13.flac17.96 MB
disc2/Track07.flac14.91 MB
disc2/Track01.flac14.68 MB
disc1/Track02.flac14.49 MB
disc1/Track16.flac12.98 MB
disc1/Track04.flac12.67 MB
disc2/Track15.flac12.55 MB
disc2/Track14.flac11.56 MB
disc1/Track08.flac11.54 MB
disc1/Track03.flac11.21 MB
disc2/Track03.flac11.15 MB
disc1/Track14.flac10.78 MB
disc1/Track09.flac9.91 MB
disc1/Track06.flac8.62 MB
disc1/disc1.md50.98 kB
MoistboyzJuvenileSongsDemos.txt0.95 kB
disc2/disc2.md50.84 kB
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