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Ween2000-07-17 The Chili Pepper, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (DVD) (RESEED)

DownloadWeen2000-07-17 - the chili pepper - ft. lauderdale, fl - dvd.torrent
Info hash99d70adfa99e5a540b8e109c8fc869d6412911b6
the chili pepper
ft. lauderdale, fl

taped by mr. dna.
as he recalls, it was a sony hi-8.
tripod shot.


1. take me away
2. nan
3. don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy
4. even if you don't
5. buckingham green
6. spinal meningitis
7. stallion pt. 3
8. bannanas & blow
9. voodoo lady
10. piss up a rope
11. mutilated lips
12. mister would you please help my pony
13. pumpin' for the man
14. wavin' my dick in the wind
15. fat lenny
16. dr. rock
17. mr. richard smoker
18. pandy fackler
19. idiot wind (Dylan cover, gener solo)
20. roses are free
21. frank
22. baby bitch, (some dude shows his "white pepper")
23. ice castles


1. mollusk
2. touch my tooter
3. puerto rican power
4. stroker ace
5. you fucked up
6. hot 4 teacher


7. booze me up and get me high
8. band on the run
9. exactly where i'm at
10. dancing in the show
11. poopship destroyer (28 min including slow bluesy end jam, known as "Gener's Lament")

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