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Info hash094293d94c1069d753b5802ddb067fbccd3fb3f1
DescriptionGene Ween 2015-09-26
The Earl, Atlanta,GA

01 Dr. Rock
02 Golden Eel
03 Spinal Meningitis
04 English & Western
05 Black Bush
06 Golden Monkey
07 Johnny On The Spot
08 HIV Song
09 Birthday Boy *
10 Never Squeal On The Pusher
11 Freedom Of 76
12 Springtheme
13 Tried & True
14 Voodoo Lady
15 Sketches Of Winkle
16 crowd
encore 1
17 Can't Put My Finger On It
18 Let's Go (I love The Nighlife)
19 crowd
encore 2
20 Baby Bitch*
21 (For A While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like  A Man

* Gener Solo

Source: AKG 483>Oade M248>R44ocm 24/48 FOB DIN @8ft.
Transfer: sdhc>audacity dither> cdwave splits> TLH flac 8
A Home Team Recording - t&s by c. cage
TypeWeen Misc.
Last seederLast activity 8:56 ago
Size568.87 MB (596,506,339 bytes)
Added2015-10-03 02:31:09
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Num files23 files
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gw.txt0.73 kB
gw2015-09-26akg483.ffp1.13 kB
gw2015-09-26t01.flac23.38 MB
gw2015-09-26t02.flac25.70 MB
gw2015-09-26t03.flac20.30 MB
gw2015-09-26t04.flac22.07 MB
gw2015-09-26t05.flac20.16 MB
gw2015-09-26t06.flac38.90 MB
gw2015-09-26t07.flac48.01 MB
gw2015-09-26t08.flac18.06 MB
gw2015-09-26t09.flac19.57 MB
gw2015-09-26t10.flac24.66 MB
gw2015-09-26t11.flac19.57 MB
gw2015-09-26t12.flac34.86 MB
gw2015-09-26t13.flac26.30 MB
gw2015-09-26t14.flac54.48 MB
gw2015-09-26t15.flac18.24 MB
gw2015-09-26t16.flac10.76 MB
gw2015-09-26t17.flac24.60 MB
gw2015-09-26t18.flac23.33 MB
gw2015-09-26t19.flac15.60 MB
gw2015-09-26t20.flac19.20 MB
gw2015-09-26t21.flac61.14 MB
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