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Ween October 31st, 2002 Winston-Salem, NC @ The Millenium Center DVD

Info hashb95685a2ac275f60a1d53762042c08724fb4ba28
October 31st, 2002
Winston-Salem, NC @ The Millenium Center

Edited & Authored by RandyB

Cam one /  Deaner cam: RandyB
Cam two / Gener cam: Kirby
both handheld front row

Audio by Coco:

Audio cuts during Captain Fantasy & Marlbe Tulip Juicy Tree, patched with cam audio.

Josh Freese on drums.

hidden easter egg on disc two.

Disc One:
1. Ice Castles,
2. Golden Eel,
3. The Stallion Pt 3
4. Spinal Meningitis,
5. Piss Up a Rope,
6. Marble Tuliup Juicy Tree,
7. Captian Fantasy,
8. Take Me Away,
9. Fat Lenny,
10. Waving My Dick In The Wind,
11. Richard Smoker,
12. Stroker Ace,
13. Bananas & Blow,
14. Voodoo Lady,
15. Albino Sunburned Girl,

Disc Two:
1. Mollusk,
2. Roses Are Free,
4. You Fucked Up,
5, Touch My Tooter,
6. Dr. Rock ,
7. Springtheme,
8. AIDS,
9. Booze Me Up & Get Me High,
10. Johnny On The Spot,
11. Someday
12. Buckingham Green
TypeWeen Video DVD
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