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Ween Appreciation Society Presents - Mutilated Hits (A Ween Tribute) [FLAC]

DownloadWAS Presents - Mutilated Hits [FLAC].torrent
Info hash89072ecf8d9d3dcc75c2a880c0bf1123f6fb02dc
DescriptionWeen Appreciation Society Presents:

Mutilated Hits Volume One  - (A Ween Tribute)

Art by Croix Berman
Compiled by Grant Rozmarin

Track Listing:

01 Smashy Claw - Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
02 Andy Samförd - Love Will Conquer All
03 Lem Sanders - Bag of Fat
04 Danny Steinman - Stallion 3
05 Logan Barrier & Jamie Jay - Long Beach Island
06 Derwood Bowen - Dr. Rock
07 Rheotaxis - Put the Smoltz on my Leg
08 Matthew Ginsberg - Mononucleosis
09 Gardenella  - Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World
10 Vustice - The Mind
11 Nuclear Bubble Wrap - The Wolfman
12 Bastard Audio - It’s Gonna Be (Alright)
13 Dables - Try To Be Brown
14 Tim H - Demon Sweat
15 Yesticles - Mutilated Lips
16 Double Bastard - The Fucked Jam
17 Dead Stick Landing - Chocolate Town
18 Kyle Buller - Fluffy
19 Flying Ghali Bros - Up on the Hill
20 Tyler Maine - Things You Already Know
21 Lips of Mutation - Cornbread Red
22 Hawkroach - Big Jilm
23 Enarembee - Mushroom Festival in Hell
24 Dogbites Hampshire - Sorry Charlie
25 Dust A.C. - Push th’ Lil Daisies

Additional Artist Info:
01 Smashy Claw  / Austin Aeschliman - Pork Roll Egg and Cheese

- recorded with Pro Tools, Neumann TLM vocal mic
- Instruments used: Electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. 3-part harmony vocals. Native Instrument Studio Drummer drum programming
02 Andy Samford - Love Will Conquer All

All instruments and vocals by A. Samford.
Produced, mixed, & engineered by A. Samford
Recorded January 8th, 2016 at Furious Midget Studios, Decatur, GA.
Andy Samford has released more than 30 solo albums of his unique brand of heavy psychedelic stoner fuzz guitar rock. Download full albums for FREE at
03 Lem / Lem Sanders - Bag of Fat

Recorded January 10, 2016 at home on Fender Strat, Fender Precision Bass, Roland fx processor/voice transformer and Audacity's free editor.
04 Danny Steinman - The Stallion Part 3

Acoustic Guitar and Synths
Produced by Danny Steinman and Alex Corbitt
05 Logan Barrier & Jamie Jay - Long Beach Island

Logan Barrier on Drum kit and lead vocals; Jamie Jay on Bass guitar, backing vocals, clarinet, and affected clarinet (with female-to-male setting on a vocal processor); Recorded on a handheld Tascam recorder in Jamie's shoebox basement.

Logan's bands = Big Jilm (Ween tribute), Cougar Gold, and The Crooked Streets.  Jamie's bands = This Must Be The Band (Talking Heads tribute), Wake Up And Live (Bob Marley tribute), Whiskey Blanket, Grim & Darling.
06 Derwood Bowen. - Dr. Rock

which was recorded using computer programs Guitar Pro 6 (for compiling the guitar tracks) and Mixcraft 7 (for getting percussion sounds, recording everything, applying appropriate effects, and mixing everything together). I am typically a comedy/parody musician, and I have performed at a few cons and released a few albums.

My website is and most of my fans listen to my music on Bandcamp, at
07 Rheotaxis / Sean Storts - Put The Smoltz On My Leg

Song Info - All vocals, synths, keys, guitar and drum programming by Sean Storts
Band Artist Info - @ &
08 Matthew Ginsberg - Mononucleosis

Gear used: Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Jazzmaster, Xotic Bass RC Booster, Tonebender MKII Fuzz, Plum Crazy Fuzzy Lady Fuzz, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Vocals
09 Gardenella / Marge Osborne (marjorie pantywhacker) - Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World

I use toy keyboards and cello + whistling and opera singing
here's a link to my free music archive site:
10 Vustice / Shayne Byington - The Mind

I make a majority of my music out of FruityLoops, and this cover was made entirely in FLStudio. I didn't find out about the tribute project until a day or two ago. I waited till the last minute and made the cover in 4 hours, cutting it down to the wire, me not knowing the deadline was extended. xD

Band/Artist info: Vustice is my music project. It started off as a Flaming Lips knockoff attempt that, after one album, immediately morphed into a more electronic and aesthetic approach.
11 Nuclear Bubble Wrap / Jace McLain - The Wolfman

Info: Ever since I heard the unfinished demo of this song that Deaner gave us from the La Cucarahca sessions, I loved it. But I couldn't help feeling like I wished the song could've been completed. I thought it was brilliant. So this was my vision for what the song "might have" sounded like if Ween decided to finish it. I pretty much had this sound in mind as soon as I heard it. We started by mimicking the guitars, pretty much exactly as they sound on the demo. Then we built on top with layers of guitars, electronic percussion and keys. Double-layered vocals, with each of us on either side of the stereo field, with the "reverse reverb" trick I learned from Mutilated Lips... I kinda feel like it works well as a symbol of a werewolf transformation. Two minds fighting from inside the same body, ya know? Something like that. Although we used a synth dog bark and made a few howling sounds here and there, my dog, Pepper, even makes an appearance at the end.

Artist bio: Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics. They’re known for their sense of humor and tendency to lean towards nerdy references and subject matter. Founded by keyboardist Jace McLain and guitarist Kyle Thorne, Nuclear Bubble Wrap has had over 2 million collective YouTube views, has made #1 on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show, and won a Logan Award for Excellence in Comedy Music. As of 2016, they've put out two psychedelic albums called Psycho Delicacy and Multiverses.
12 Bastard Audio / Christoph Truemper - It’s Gonna Be (Alright)

We’ve always loved this tune and play it on acoustic guitars true to the original often, but there is something very cathartic about screaming these lyrics at the top of your lungs. Just want to thank Ween for so much musical inspiration over the years (you don’t know how many crazy tunes you helped give birth to) and especially Mickey for being so great to his fans in W.A.S. This was recorded on a Roland 1680, we used a mix of live drums and a Boss DR770 Drum Machine, the rest is a heap load of guitars, synths, and mucus.  Timmy P. – Lead Guitar, live drums, backing vocals and other shizz... Christoph Truemper – Lead vocals, synths, rhythm guitar, etc.

Bastard Audio Soundcloud:
13 Dables /David Walker -Try To Be Brown

Find more music at &
14 Tim Horzelski - Demon Sweat

I kept it simple: A live take playing guitar and singing. No effects on my voice, and a bit of Reverse on the guitar.
This is the first time I've recorded myself playing a song for others to hear.
15 Yesticles / Jay Best - Mutilated Lips
16 Double Bastard / Chad Dyer - The Fucked Jam

Features two bass tracks, one distorted bass tuned down to B Standard (Very low), A E Standard Bass run thru on Octave generator. the "Vocal" part is a Theremin double-tracked with a little delay & distortion. standard drum machine throughout. < facebook page
17 Dead Stick Landing / John Parrot - Chocolate Town

Recorded Live in September 2011 at a festival in South Carolina (all I remember). Recorded directly from the board and lightly mastered by the sound engineer (don't remember his name).
Disbanded in 2012. YouTube channel: DeadStickLandingMusic
18 Kyle Buller from Geneonhm Band - Fluffy

Mpc 2000xl and a key board from the 90s I did the guitar solos and the vocals then spun it in slo mo on the Stanton cd dj
Yamaha key board
Sampled the keyboard sounds and then played the keyboard drum kit live time to the music
My favorite ween song I named my cat after the song
19 Flying Ghali Brothers - Up on the Hill

Drums by Mark Dyck
Lead vocals by Jesse Denby
Choir vocals/backup vocals, bass and guitars by Jonas Peterson
Recording and mastering by Jonas Peterson

Recorded in several locations including a living room, parked car, and a bedroom. Recorded on a Zoom R8 portable recorder/mixer and edited with CubaseLe6.

Started performing at open Mic nights in Winnipeg, Canada around 1998, and recorded several drug and alcohol fueled jam sessions via tape deck.  The original Flying Ghali Brothers was a (fictional) duo of  Darius Heater (Jesse Denby) and Filter Nebulous (Jonas Peterson).  Darius hailed from Bathe, (England) and Filter from London (England).

Darius Heater - lead vocals/synth
Filter Nebulous -guitar/vocals
Dan - drums/bass/keysboards/brass/violin
20 Tyler Maine - Things You Already Know

acoustic guitar, one take.
21 Lips of Mutilation - Cornbread Red

Jesse Denby (Vocals)
Joel Forsgren (Bass + Lead Guitar)
Brian Salapek (Rhythm Guitar, Banjo, Drums)
This is a collaboration over the internet since I’ve never met Jesse and he lives 1,300 miles away.  I sent him the audio of the music and he recorded a vocal track and emailed it back.
Check out my monthly song writing game here: and
22 Hawkroach - Big Jilm

Aaron Young - guitar, vocals, ghetto engineering
Brandon Kilman - vocals
Ethan Young - Bass
Joseph Stoeker - drums

This was so fucking jacked to record because halfway through our recording computer got hosed and so we tried to switch to a different laptop only to discover that it had no line-in jack.  As a result, everything was tracked on my phone using smart voice recorder, then uploading to computer, adding to audacity and syncing up manually.  Very brown process, very brown results :p 
23 Nat'Lee Barnes / Enarembee - Mushroom Festival In Hell

garageband, an iphone or ipad, uke and sometimes a mandolin
I'm just a boring mom sort that nobody knows does this.  It can remain that way.  I've never played with another person before
24 Dogbites Hampshire / Chris Buly - Sorry Charlie

Chris is currently working on the Ween Documentary -  Boognish Rising
25 Dust A.C. / Dustin Anderson - Push The Lil Daisies

Seq. by Akai. Guitar by Fender. Bass by ibanez.  All played, recorded and mixed by dust A.C.
dust A.C. is a one man band who has forever been influenced by WEEN to diy.
check out all 13 dust A.C. albums at

Additional Thanks:

Aaron Freeman, Mickey Melchiondo, Dave Dreiwitz, Claude Coleman, Jr., Glenn McClelland, Guy Heller, Brock Denker, Amy Jacobson, Alex Amsalem, Timbo Bartell, Andy Brittain, Gordon Walker, Jamie Dunno, Michael Hill, Jim Marinucci, Randy Bayers, Croix Berman, Erik Hultstrom, Ween Appreciation Society, Browntracker, WeenDotNetForum,, Brownie Troop Fishing and many others who are part of the Ween community.
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