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Ween 2/12/2016 1st Bank Center (DPA 4018a) source1

Info hash43c8a45ae1219ebaa2065bb03f98899ebb523ce3
DescriptionWeen 2/12/2016
1st Bank Center Broomfield, CO

Source: DPA 4018a (Behind SBD DFC@11 34cm/60deg)->Sonosax SX-M2->Mytek 192->HD-P2(24/96)->UV22HR(16/44.1)->xACT->FLAC

Recorded and transferred by Scott Schneider

Single Set(145:07):
1. Crowd
2. What Deaner Was Talkin' About
3. Buckingham Green
4. Beacon Light
5. Bananas and Blow
6. Japanese Cowboy
7. Spinal Meningitis
8. Now I'm Freaking Out
9. Roses Are Free(1)
10. A Tear For Eddie
11. Your Party
12. How High Can You Fly?
13. Nan
14. Puerto Rican Power
15. Tick
16. Wayne's Pet Youngin'
17. Goin' Gets Tough From the Getgo
18. Mister Richard Smoker
19. Waving My Dick in the Wind
20. Gabrielle
21. Ooh Va La
22. Awesome Sound
23. Stallion Pt. 3
24. Big Jilm
25. Licking the Palm For Guava >
26. Mushroom Festival in Hell
27. Even If You Don't
28. Sorry Charlie
29. With My Own Bare Hands
30. Don't Laugh, I love You
31. Boy's Club
32. Homo Rainbow
33. Encore break:
34. (E)Fiesta
35. (E)Buenos Tardes Amigo

(1) confetti cannons went off right in front of microphones at the back of the soundboard
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t23.flac22.05 MB
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ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t30.flac21.40 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t29.flac21.35 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t17.flac20.95 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t32.flac20.45 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t12.flac20.14 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t13.flac20.03 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t08.flac18.97 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t20.flac17.49 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t31.flac16.83 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t06.flac16.65 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t19.flac15.69 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t18.flac15.55 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t34.flac15.23 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t33.flac13.23 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t15.flac12.47 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t14.flac12.38 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t01.flac12.37 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t02.flac12.02 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t16.flac10.88 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018-s1t25.flac10.12 MB
ween2016-02-12dpa4018.txt3.24 kB
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