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Ween Live at 1st Bank Center on 2016-02-14

Info hash30bd5acd4e178a86e45f1fbd92b8e23ff349a4fc
DescriptionWeen Live at 1st Bank Center on 2016-02-14

Source DPA 4018a(Back of SBD/DFC@12? 35cm/60deg)->Sonosax SX-M2->Mytek 192->HD-P2(24/96)
Lineage UV22HR(16/44.1)->xACT->FLAC
Taped by Scott Schneider
Transferred by Scott Schneider

Exactly Where I'm At
Mutilated Lips
She Wanted to Leave
Final Alarm
Did You See Me?
The Stallion, Part 1
Freedom of '76
Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Up on the Hill
Learnin' to Love
I Can't Put My Finger on It (1)
Birthday Boy(2)
Chocolate Town (2)
Drifter in the Dark (2)
The Mollusk (2)
Flutes of the Chi (2)
The HIV Song (2)
Squelch the Weasel
Touch My Tooter
Papa Zit
Israel (3)
Piss Up a Rope
Stay Forever
She's Your Baby
Never Squeal on th? Pusher
Encore break
(E)Tender Situation
(E)Pumpin' 4 the Man
(E)Common Bitch
(E)Fat Lenny
(E)The Blarney Stone


(1) Confetti cannons went off right in front of microphones
(2) Acoustic
(3) First Time Played
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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Added2016-02-15 11:32:38
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