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Ween2016 04 14 Terminal 5 NY

Info hash57cfa1f9a02557ab40a1ef074d7e0a558b2d6e24
Description Ween, April 14 2016 @ Terminal 5, NYC

1. Intro
2. The Stallion pt 1
3. Roses are free
4. Happy colored Marbles
5. The Stallion pt 3
6. Bananas and Blow
7. Your Party
8. Japanese Cowboy
9. Beacon Light
10. Even if You don't
11. Freedom of '76
12. The Grobe
13. Captain Fantasy
14. Don't get to close (to my Fantasy)
15. Touch my Tooter
16. Mononucleosis
17. Boy's Club
18. Pandy Fackler
19. Chocolate Town*
20. Little Birdy*
21. Get a little Taste of You*
22. The HIV Song*
23. Help me scrape the mucus off my brain*
24. Kim Smoltz*
25. Pumpin' 4 the man
26. The Golden Eel
27. Baby Bitch
28. Frank
29. You fucked up

30. Licking the Palm for Guava
31. Mushroom Festival in Hell
32. Someday

TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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