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Dean Ween Group Live at The Outer Space on 2014-07-17

Info hasha4c2fe9b40abbc1d32f2acc7cc2c1a1169f5e33f
DescriptionDean Ween Group
The Outer Space
Hamden, CT

Source: Zoom H4n internal mic
Location: Slightly left of center (support beams in center of room), Mic stand ~10' high, ~40' from stage.
Transfer: Audacity 2.0.2 (track splitting) > FLAC

Taped by Paul Ryan
Transferred by Paul Ryan

Total Run Time:                [99:23]
Disc 1                          [47:03]
01. Finger Banging*            [03:12]
02. Action                      [01:26]
03. Transdermal Celebration    [04:26]
04. The Width of a Circle      [09:48]
05. With my own bare hands      [03:17]
06. Dickie Betts                [07:12]
07. Down on the farm            [04:20]
08. Piss up a rope              [03:29]
09. Bums                        [05:44]
10. Nightcrawler^              [04:09]
xx. Gabriella^                  [xx.xx]

Disc 2                          [52:20]
01. Dead Man^                  [03:52]
02. Gary is Dead                [06:24]
03. I'll take it and break it  [04:33]
04. I'm gonna get high          [08:24]
05. Long Night > Sweet Jane    [09:53]
06. A tear for Eddie            [09:50]
07. The Rift                    [09:24]

*"We just wrote the worst song in the world in the dressing room, want to hear it?"
^ Technical; Battery issues halfway though show, missed end of Nightcrawler, all of Gabriella and start of Dead man.
TypeWeen Misc.
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