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Ween2006-07-13 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY (DVD - RESEED)

DownloadWeen2006-07-13 DVD.torrent
Info hash881ac60e8e27cdaabb2fb8f3cf0775b7805e7b85
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

Camera 1: Canon Elura 100 (Front Row-Tripod)
Filmed by: Andy Ruddock

Camera 2: Sony DCR-HC21 (Front Row-Handheld)
Filmed by: Greg Ruddock

Camera 3: Canon Optura 600 (Rear Center Stage Shot-Tripod)
Filmed by: Sean Cartwright

Camera 4: Hitachi VM-E565LA (Rear Center Close Shot-Tripod)
Filmed by: Cousinit

Audio Source 1: IRiverHP40 > Coresound Binaurals w/Bass Filter On > Wav > CD-R
Taped by: Cousinit

Audio Source 2: Neumann KM-140s > Lunatec V2 > Sony D6 > Wav > CD-R
Taped by: Sean Cartwright

Audio Source 3: Sony DCR-HC21 > Mini DV (Camera Audio)
Taped by: Greg Ruddock

Video: Mini-DV Masters > PowerMac G5 > Final Cut Pro > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro
Audio: CD-R > WAV > Final Cut Pro > Soundtrack Pro > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro

Video Editing, DVD Production, Audio Matrix & Remastering by: Andy Ruddock


01. Porkroll Egg & Cheese
02. The Hiv Song
03. Spinal Meningitis
04. Now I'm Freaking Out
05. Happy Colored Marbles
06. Bananas and Blow
07. Take Me Away
08. Freedom Of 76
09. Transdermal Celebration
10. Even If You Don't
11. Syd Barrett Tune (Gener Solo) *Acoustic
12. Zoloft
13. Voodoo Lady
14. The Stallion Part 3
15. Light Me Up
16. Buckingham green
17. Mutilated Lips

01. Leave Deaner Alone
02. Johnny On The Spot
03. Spanish Castle Magic Jam
04. Touch My Tooter
05. Stroker Ace
06. Captain
07. Ocean Man
08. Mr. Richard Smoker
09. Pandy Fackler
10. I Can't Put My Finger On It

11. Did You See Me
12. What Deaner Was Talking About
13. Someday

*IMPORTANT NOTE- Due to the high level of humidity in the venue, the two front row cameras
had to be shut down after ICPMFOI(end of main set).  The encore video consists of the
footage from the 2 cameras that were filming from the back next to the soundboard.

Also, the first minute of audio on DVD 1 is from video camera 2.  It is a bit clipped
as the band takes the stage, then transitions into the remastered high-quality audio
for the duration of the show. 

Last but certainly not least...Big thanks:
-To Gabe for the water down in front.  This was one of the hottest shows in history.   
-To Glenn McClelland for your help getting cameras through security.
-To Ween for allowing taping and always putting on a kick-ass show.
-To everyone else who helped us in any way.

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