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August 4th, 2001. The Beachcomber, Wellfleet, MA

Download2001-08-04_Ween_WellFleet_MA_The Beachcomer_FLAC.torrent
Info hash1f6e9a17affa4b9bc9d7df0a3cc6add9f9e93611
DescriptionSecond of two nights at the Beachcomber in August, 2001.
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
Last seederLast activity 5:52 ago
Size715.56 MB (750,323,001 bytes)
Added2016-10-05 00:34:31
Snatched180 time(s)
Upped byJaybone
Num files34 files
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Ween - 2001.08.04 - WellFleet, MA.txt0.76 kB
2001-08-04_Ween.md51.82 kB
cd2/WellFleet, MA 8_04_2001 II.log2.80 kB
WellFleet, MA 8_04_2001 II.log2.80 kB
cd1/WellFleet, MA 8_04_2001 I.log3.31 kB
cd2/03 - Track03.flac1.84 MB
cd1/08 - Track08.flac10.82 MB
cd2/02 - Track02.flac12.00 MB
cd2/10 - Track10.flac12.43 MB
cd2/08 - Track08.flac15.44 MB
cd1/16 - Track16.flac16.13 MB
cd1/01 - Track01.flac17.01 MB
cd1/07 - Track07.flac18.52 MB
cd1/06 - Track06.flac18.54 MB
cd1/04 - Track04.flac18.60 MB
cd1/03 - Track03.flac19.26 MB
cd2/01 - Track01.flac19.52 MB
cd2/07 - Track07.flac21.29 MB
cd1/11 - Track11.flac21.60 MB
cd1/15 - Track15.flac22.08 MB
cd1/09 - Track09.flac22.10 MB
cd1/13 - Track13.flac22.73 MB
cd1/12 - Track12.flac22.83 MB
cd2/11 - Track11.flac23.97 MB
cd1/05 - Track05.flac25.10 MB
cd2/12 - Track12.flac26.98 MB
cd2/04 - Track04.flac30.62 MB
cd1/02 - Track02.flac32.79 MB
cd2/05 - Track05.flac38.54 MB
cd2/09 - Track09.flac39.62 MB
cd1/14 - Track14.flac42.51 MB
cd1/10 - Track10.flac43.15 MB
cd2/06 - Track06.flac47.25 MB
cd2/13 - Track13.flac52.28 MB
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