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Ween 2017 02 19 Live at Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas (2nd source ck930)

Info hash1b36077429abb84d16620f3b2571e92d4c3a1003
DescriptionWeen Live at Brooklyn Bowl on 2017-02-19

Source Beyerdynamic CK930 > Naiant IPA > Sony M10 (@24/48)
Lineage Wavelab 6.0 (Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ > Waves L3 Multimaximizer) > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (FLAC level 8) > foobar2000 (tagging)
Taped by Mike B
Transferred by Mike B

1. Intro
2. She Wanted To Leave
3. Buckingham Green
4. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
5. Beacon Light
6. Learnin' to Love
7. Albino Sunburned Girl
8. Voodoo Lady @
9. Big Jilm
10. Ooh Va La
11. Stroker Ace
12. Put The Coke On My Dick
13. The Grobe
14. Licking The Palm For Guava >
15. Mushroom Festival From Hell
16. Laura
17. With My Own Bare Hands
18. Hey There Fancypants (tease), The Star-Spangled Banner (tease), Iron Man (tease) #
19. Hey There Fancypants
20. Touch My Tooter
21. It's Gonna Be A Long Night %
22. Ace of Spades
23. Fluffy
24. Polka Dot Tail


25. Poopship Destroyer


@ Slow version, # An onstage marriage proposal, temporarily lost wedding ring, and about 8 minutes of assorted nonsense in addition to teases occurred between Bare Hands and Fancypants, % Dave on vocals.
TypeWeen Live Audio 2000-Present
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